350 Legend Vs 300 Blackout: Can You Spot These Differences?

350 Legend Vs 300 Blackout

350 Legend vs. 300 Blackout is special ammunition suitable for center rifles. Both help hunters quickly knock down deer, moose, and even wild boar or wild dogs in the fall.

Each has distinct characteristics, and there have been many heated debates about which is truly superior.

In this article, let’s evaluate in detail and consider the pros and cons of each version before making a decision.

Let’s check it out!

350 Legend Vs 300 Blackout: Similarities & Differences

350 Legend comes from the famous Winchester brand and is mainly available for hunting purposes. In contrast, the 300 Blackout ammunition serves the US Special Forces for training and combat purposes.

What differences make the intended use of the two so differentiated? Let’s find out the details in the following comparison!

Cartridge Specs

300 Blackout Ammunition
300 Blackout

The specs are often the first factor you must consider when comparing these two rifle cartridges. While the 300 Blackout comes in a bottleneck box design, the 350 Legend comes in a square box.

The 300’s cartridges are generally more efficient at high capacity because of the bullet’s position in the cartridge neck. In contrast, the 350’s cartridge design will meet the stringent DNR requirements of states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, India, and Ohio.

The following parameter is the bullet diameter that each box uses. Specifically, the 350 Legend will have a diameter of 0.357″ – 0.003″. Meanwhile, the 300 Blackout is usually popular with a diameter of 0.308″.

The similarity of these two designs is that they have the same 0.378″ rim diameter. The overall lengths of 300 and 350 are almost identical. However, they have differences in case capacity.

Also, the 350 Legend has more container space than the 300 Blackout. This feature assists the weapon in firing a heavier bullet.


Ammo recoil
Ammo recoil

Technically the 350 Legend has more significant recoil than the 300 Blackout, with felt recoil of 8.5 ft-lbs and 6 ft-lbs, respectively. But experts and hunters alike rate them as low-recoil and non-irritating.

Muzzle Velocity

The muzzle velocity is the speed of the bullet in the first few seconds out of the barrel in feet per second (fps). This parameter will be affected by the barrel length.

With a payload of 150g, the 350 Legend has a muzzle velocity of 2,325 feet per second, which is considerably larger than the 300 Blackout (1,900 feet per second). Meanwhile, the 350’s muzzle energy of 1,800 ft-lbs is greater than the 300’s 1,200 ft-lbs.


The trajectory is the bullet’s flight path as it travels within a range of inches of fall. The 350 Legend’s trajectory is flatter due to its higher muzzle velocity. Therefore, the 350’s drop is about -7.6″ larger than the 300 Blackout -9″.

However, the trajectory will be similar to the maximum effective range at greater distances. In many real-world tests, the 350 Legend flew as far as 250 yards, but its remaining opponent only stopped at 175 yards.


The ballistic coefficient represents the degree of resistance to bullet drift and air resistance.

With a coefficient of 0.392, 300 Blackout almost beat 350 Legend with 0.223 BC.

Sectional Density

It is common to measure cross-sectional density (SD) by comparing how well a bullet penetrates a target. The higher the number, the more likely the bullet will knock down the prey by puncturing the skin, tendons, or bones.

Besides, the expansion and velocity factors also create a certain amount of damage. Despite the different weights, the 300 Blackout has a higher cross-sectional density and better penetration than its rivals.


Ammo wrapped in pod pack
Which is better for hunting

350 Legend has a unique sight design for hunting deer even at long range.

But, it doesn’t mean 300 Blackouts are less effective. This bullet can work very well at close range with wild boar.

With varmint, 300 Blackout has low recoil and is lighter, so it has an advantage over 350 Legend.

Both are capable of firing subsonic projectiles. But experts do not recommend using these 2 for hunting because of their brutality.

Suppressor Integration

The suppressor is responsible for reducing the sound of gunpowder igniting when bullets are fired.

Rifle cartridges can fire at supersonic speeds more fabulous than 1125 fps.

The suppressor of the 300 Blackout is slightly superior to that of the 350 Legend. Specifically, with 300, you can use full powdered burin to create a continuous firing force with high noise immunity.

In the other version, the poor soundproofing makes it impossible for you to fire many bullets in a short time. Its annoying sounds and radiant heat are challenging to handle.


The 300 Blackout is generally a better priority for self-defense due to its suitability for CQB applications. However, 350 Legend can also be available for home defense. Its drawback is that it cannot fit into standard AR-15 boxes.

300 Blackout is a superior self-defense option when operating with a full 30-round magazine and low recoil.


350 Legend was released recently, so users have fewer options compared to 300 Blackout. Only 3 manufacturers offer 350s, Winchester, Hornady, and Federal, while almost every manufacturer produces and supplies 300 Blackouts.

However, the price of the two has almost no difference. You’ll pay more than $1 for each shot of the same size.

350 legend  300 blackout
Cartridge Specs – Straight wall box

– Lower box capacity

– The case has more space

– Bottleneck box, high capacity

– Small case

Recoil Bigger Smaller
Muzzle velocity 2,325 feet/second 1.900 feet / second
The muzzle energy 1.800 ft-lbs 1.200 ft-lbs
Trajectory Capable of flying up to 250 yards Capable of flying up to 175 yards
Ballistic  Lower Higher
Sectional Density Worse Better
Hunting Suitable for long-range shooting Short range shooting
Suppressor Integration Worse Better
Defense Self defense at home Self defense at home
Price From 1-2 dollars/bullet From 1-2 dollars/bullet

Quick Rundown For 350 Legend And 300 Blackout

350 Legends 300 Blackout
  • Larger case
  • High muzzle velocity
  • Massive muzzle energy
  • Suitable for shooting animals at a distance
  • Fewer recoil
  • High box capacity
  • Greater penetration capacity
  • It can be available for self-defense
  • Higher recoil
  • Only defend themselves at home.
  • Smaller maximum firing range

350 Legend Vs 300 Blackout: Which One Is Better?

Both are products that are good enough for you to handle different goals.

If you’re looking for ammunition capable of firing at a wide range of up to 250 yards, the 350 Legend is a great choice. Its recoil is also not too significant, which may be available in many states, including Michigan and Ohio.

The 300 Blackout will be the ideal choice when you need to hunt at close range.

The outstanding advantages of this design are low recoil and effective cartridges with 30 rounds, allowing supersonic and subsonic bullets to be fired.

Thus, you need to pay attention to the purpose of use before picking up the perfect version.

Final Words

The article has detailed the 350 Legend vs. 300 Blackout. They are all products with a large consumer market and are the choice of many hunters.

We hope you can clearly understand the similarities and differences between the two through this article. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us for an accurate response. Thanks for reading!

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