When picking a new scope for your gun, having a good grasp of the basics is extremely important. One of the things to understand is the first 2 numbers on the name of each version.

In this article, we will give the most detailed explanations of 4×32 scope meaning for you to understand easily. Now, let’s explore it for details!

4x32 scope meaning

4×32 Scope Meaning

4×32 is a parameter that refers to the maximum magnification of the objective lens included in the viewfinder. Accordingly, 4x corresponds to the elaboration, and 32 is the diameter of the objective.

What Does 4x32 Range Mean
What Does 4×32 Range Mean

The “4” prints “4×32”

Like most rifles, the number on the front, in this case, “4” indicates the scope’s magnifying power. In notation include 4x – magnification is 4x. It shows you can see your target four times larger than usual when looking through the lens.

More specifically, “4” is a fixed number of scopes, and you cannot change it during use. Therefore, you will see them 4 times larger than in real life with every target while aiming.

This number is relatively low when compared to other product categories. However, it will help you keep the field of view larger.

“32” meaning 150

“32” or “64” written on the device’s body indicates the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters. So, “32” here means the object is 32mm in diameter. It measures the distance from the lens on the lens closest to your target and furthest from your eyes.

Therefore, the larger you choose this number, the more light can enter the lens so that it will vary significantly.

It is similar to using a camera, and you need to take a picture. When you’re taking photos, you’ll need a camera lens with a lot of light coming in and the darker the outside.

The larger its value, the more light the lens will have when considering the diameter. It is an excellent solution in low-light situations.

You can see that the 32mm figure is trendy in rifles because of its ability to work in low light conditions to provide sharp images.

What Are The 4×32 Scopes of Rifles For?

What Are The 4x32 Scopes of Rifles For
What Are The 4×32 Scopes of Rifles For

As mentioned in the previous sections, scopes today will all have 2 numbers in their name, which is 4×32. In addition, you can also find similar numbers on other devices when looking at them at the store.

First, consider the first of these 2 numbers. It is the magnification or power of the scope, namely 4.

The remaining number is 32, representing the diameter of the product’s objective lens. Its mission is to make the range larger, producing more explicit images, especially in poor conditions. If you go hunting in the morning, it won’t work.

The 4×32 lens is an excellent choice for long-range photography. They give you an 8mm pupil while your pupils are 2-4mm during the day and 9mm at night.

It can give you critical hits at significant distances. You will be able to keep your distance from the target and will receive multiple hits on the target at long range. If you shoot an AR-15 and are looking for a fixed scope, you might want to try the A2 areas. They are less expensive and traditionally very durable.

You can now find a very varied range of devices on the market with various options with magnifications from 3.5 to 20x. It makes it possible to customize to your wants and needs and match the goals you are aiming for.

The advantage of this type is that it provides flexible and stable operation in many conditions. You are also very easy to perform the use and maintenance. At the same time, the device is also small in weight, making it easy to carry for many hours of hunting without causing health problems.

For example: 

If you need to aim at a target at a distance of 300m, you will need a scope with a magnification between 3.5 and 4 is most suitable.

In case you aim closer, this number can be reduceable. On the contrary, it will increase if the distance from you to the target is further.

Through the answers above, you can certainly make similar determinations with other scopes that you can see when you study them.


1. Is a 4X32 scope adjustable?

The 4×32 range is a fixed zoom range. Therefore, you cannot adjust this number at all during use, and you can only see the target 4 times larger. Your best advice would be to choose your goals carefully because of scope limitations.

At the same time, they differ from variable scopes or red dot sights with laser technology. Suppose you want range changes to give it more flexibility when hunting and better accuracy; these will be useful. In addition, you will also need to pay a higher cost for these products.

2. How much scope magnification do I need?

How much scope magnification do I need
How much scope magnification do I need

Magnification, also known as zoom, is a certain number that every scope must-have. This number will be the number of times the image is closer to you when compared to reality.

For example: 

The common range is 3-9. It starts at the low end with 3 magnifications and finishes at the ‘long’ end at 9x.

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of scopes with different magnifications. Therefore, you have many options in terms of materials and designs, but you should choose the most popular ones.

  • 1-4 – short-range for AR with run-n-gun style
  • 2-7 – traditional dust gun mag scope
  • 3-9 – common for dust pipes or 22LR rifles
  • 3-15 – cross-barrel
  • 5-25 – ‘standard’ long-range rifle scope

Alternatively, you can choose from 5-40, 5-50, 4-80, and more.

The exact number you need will depend on your intended use and target size, but keep in mind that distance is not always the deciding factor in all cases.

3. What range is a 4X32 scope good for?

If you go for the 4×32 lens, it’s an excellent decision allowing you to aim for 10 to 300 yards which is the perfect number.

Besides, some people even use it for distances up to 400 yards. The results you get with this device are well worth the great lengths to the long-range target.

Hunting requires you to move freely, and this design allows you to work quickly and stably with standing or moving. At the same time, it is also suitable for most animals based on the maximum distance of the product.

Hunting also does not require you to choose a powerful scope that 3-4 will be the most popular magnification among today’s hunters. It provides good light and performance to do the most precise work.

If you own an AR-15, the A2 viewfinder is also a good choice when you need to pay less. At the same time, it can also be available for a long time.


Choosing a scope with this number is a good solution for your rifle. It helps you to aim for a fixed and accurate shot in a short time.

In addition, the amount of light that the 32mm objective lens diameter will also be enough for you to use at night or in low light conditions.

We hope the information in the article will be useful for you in understanding the 4×32 scope meaning. Also, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us for the fastest and most accurate answer.

Thank you for reading!

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