7mm Rem Mag Vs. 30-06: Can You Spot These Differences?

7mm Rem Mag Vs. 30-06: What Are The Differences? 

What is the better cartridge between 7mm Rem Mag Vs 30-06?

While the 7mm Rem Mag is popular for its flexibility and accuracy, the 30-06 provides great damage and power. These two cartridges have made the gunners’ choice of ammo so much harder due to their toe-to-toe performance.

If you are wondering which is the more suitable option, don’t skip this post. Each cartridge excels in its own way, so you have to gain more insights into its pros and cons to make the decision.

I will compare these two cartridges based on their specs and real-life shooting tests to give you an unbiased look into their quality.

Continue reading, and I will show you!

7mm Rem Mag Vs. 30-06: What Are The Differences? 

There are many factors that make up the quality of a cartridge. I will discuss core features in this comparison like recoil, power, trajectory, and durability.

They will directly affect your shooting experience and the cartridge’s performance on the field. Before moving on to these details, let’s first take a look at their differences in sizes and specs.

7mm Rem Mag Vs. 30-06: What Are The Differences? 

Comparison Table

Features 7mm Rem Mag  30-06
Parent Casing 0.375 H&H Magnum .30-03
Diameter 0.284 inches (7.2 mm) 0,277 inches (7 mm)
Rim Diameter 0.532 inches (13.5 mm) 0,422 inches (10,7 mm)
Land Diameter 0.277 inches (7.0 mm) 0.300 inches (7.6 mm)
Neck Diameter 0.315 inches (8.0 mm) 0.340 inches (8.6 mm)
Case Capacity 82.0 gr (H2O) 68.4 gr (H2O)
Maximum Pressure 62,366 psi 60,000 psi

Overview And Size

When putting them side by side, I noticed that the 30-06 cartridge is a little bit smaller than the 7mm Rem Mag.

It is foreseeable since the 7mm Rem Mag comes with a higher diameter of 0,284 inches compared to the 0,277 inches of its counterpart.

However, the 30-06 features an overall length of 3,34 inches, while the 7mm Rem Mag is only 3.29-inch long.

Nevertheless, these two sizes are suitable for long-range shooting rifles.

Another noticeable difference lies in the pressure withstanding ability. While the 7mm Rem Mag can endure up to 62,366 psi in maximum pressure, the 30-06 can only hold 60,000 psi.

Also, the 7mm Rem Mag has a higher case capacity (82 to 68,4 gr H2O) than the 30-06. By examining their designs with a closer look, I spotted the shoulder of the 7mm Rem Mag is slightly steeper (25 degrees to 17 degrees) than the 30-06.

Regarding the bullet grain, most of the 7mm Rem Mag versions are lighter than the 30-06 categories, ranging between 139 to 175 grains. Meanwhile, most 30-06 cartridges weigh between 110 to even 220 grains.

However, the 30-06 cartridges commonly come in heavyweights like 150, 165, 180, and 200 grains, which are generally heavier than its counterpart.

These differences in sizes and weights lead to different performances, which I shall discuss in the following sections.


Ballistic tells many things about one cartridge, like its energy and penetration capacity. This factor is critical since it helps users compare and assess the cartridge’s power or damage in the field.

If you are a hunter or planning to use one of these two cartridges for hunting, their ballistics is a crucial factor to consider.

I have conducted accurate shooting tests at different distances (from 100 to 500 yards) with these two pieces of ammo.

The lightest 7mm Rem Mag with 140 grains generated a total of 3100 fps in muzzle velocity and 2,988 ft-lb in energy. Meanwhile, the figures for the lightest 30-06 (150 grains) are 2960 fps and 2919 ft-lb, respectively.

These two figures keep decreasing gradually on both cartridges when increasing the shooting distance from 100 to 500 yards. However, the 7m Rem Mag is always the winner regarding the muzzle velocity and energy generated.

For these reasons, it is evident that the 7mm Rem Mag brings greater penetration capacity and damage than its counterpart. It’s a more optimal option for big and small game hunting where lethal damage is the priority.

7mm Rem Mag vs 30-06 image 1
30-06 Ammo

Shoot Ability

In this section, I will assess the trajectory and the ability to resist the environmental impedance of each cartridge. In general, a flatter trajectory results in a faster traveling time before the bullet hits the target.

It increases shooting accuracy since the cartridge doesn’t drift much when it leaves the barrel. As a result, you can aim quicker and achieve higher precision.

The heavier the bullet, the less flat trajectory it travels. The 200-grain 30-06 cartridge drifted significantly by 1 inch at 100 yards. Meanwhile, the lighter 7mm Rem Mag gives a pretty flat trajectory, which only drifted by 0,6 inches.

At 500 yards, the number increased to 28,6 inches, which is nearly two times higher than the 7mm Rem Mag with 140 grains (16,6 inches). The further the shooting distance, the more efficient the 7mm Rem Mag becomes.

I can conclude that the 7mm Rem Mag is the more suitable option for shooting competitions that prioritize accuracy. With a flatter trajectory and quicker traveling time, there’s no doubt that the lighter 7mm Rem Mag is the winner.

7mm Rem Mag vs 30-06 image 2
Shooting Competition

Barrel Life

Different diameters, sizes, and max pressure load of the cartridge can affect its durability and barrel life. Your gun barrel will generally deteriorate faster when it shoots the pellets with a higher amount of gunpowder.

In this case, the 7mm Rem Mag has a bigger size, and higher gunpowder load with 82.0 gr (H2O) compared to 68,4 gr (H2O) on the 30-06.

As a result, it will wear down your firearm barrel faster than the 30-06.

Yet, it should not be too big of a problem when you use a high-quality barrel.

It can stay durable and intact for a long time without deteriorating quality. But overall, the 30-06 brings better barrel life.

7mm Rem Mag vs 30-06 image 3
Rifle Barrel

This video will tell you more about the in-depth differences between these two cartridges.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Choose Between 7mm Rem Mag Vs. 30-06?

Both the 7mm Rem Mag vs 30-06 are undoubtedly high-quality cartridges that are widely favored by the majority of rifle shooters. They are pretty easy to handle and compatible with various long-range firearms.

When regarding the price, the 30-06 is more affordable ammunition. It also gives users more options with various sizes and specs to choose from. Therefore the 30-06 features higher versatility and is suitable for beginners.

However, the on-field performance of one pellet is more critical in assessing its quality. Due to their vastly different bullet weight, I cannot conclude on a definite winner.

For hunting games or self-defense, the 30-06 can fulfill your needs better due to its higher muzzle velocity and damage.

While it is true that the lightest 7mm Rem Mag brings higher ballistics, the heavy 200-grain 30-06 is simply more excellent.

Meanwhile, the strength of the 7mm Rem Mag lies in its flat trajectory, bringing higher shooting precision and ease of handling. It’s an excellent choice for competitions and recreational shooting.

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