When you buy ammo, it is essential to ensure that you choose the right one for your needs. In addition, you need to buy the type that matches your gun.

However, it’s often not easy as bullets come in many sizes and different brands.

Today, we want to explain the different types of 9mm ammo, which are popular and provided by various sources.

9mm ammo is also available in various types, and your selection should depend on the power,  your shooting type, and some options for recoil.

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Different Types of 9MM Ammo Explained:  All You Need to Know

Different Types of 9mm Ammo Bullets Explained

9mm ammo are bullets with a diameter of 9mm but can be of different lengths. Also, 9mm ammo is .380 caliber. 

The fact is that caliber will tell you the cartridge’s diameter and your weapon barrel bore’s internal diameter.

9mm ammo is ammo with a diameter of 9mm
9mm ammo is ammo with a diameter of 9mm

Countless shooters favor this ammo kind for many good reasons. For example, it is easy to find, is available at a low price, and provides enough power for your needs. Also, this ammo will provide incredible power with smaller recoil.

With less cost, less recoil, and incredible power, 9mm ammo can do the job perfectly. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are so popular.

Specs Of All 9mm Ammo Types 

9mm ammo type Case Length (mm) Max Pressure (MPa) Bullet Diameter (mm)
9mm Makarov 18.03 (or .710″) 162 9.25 (or .364″)
.380 ACP 17.30 (or .680″) 148 9.02 (or .355″)
9mm Browning Long 20.20 (or .795″) 9.09 (or .358″)
9mm Luger 19.15 (or .754″) 241 9.02 (or .355″)
.38 Super 22.75 (or .895″) 251 9.04 (or .356″)
.357 SIG 21.97 (or .865″) 276 9.02 (or .355″)
.38 ACP / Auto 22.86 (or .900″) 9.04 (or .356″)
9mm Largo 23.11 (or .910″) 9.02 (or .355″)

9mm Makarov

9mm Makarov, was the ammunition for the Soviet submachine pistol and gun
9mm Makarov, was the ammunition for the Soviet submachine pistol and gun

The 9×18 Makarov ammo, also or the 9x18mm PM or 9mm Makarov, was the ammunition for the Soviet submachine pistol and gun, which was very popular.

This ammunition was developed at the end of the Second World War (1946). The 9mm Makarov doesn’t generate too much recoil and is powerful when used in typical blowback pistols at the time.

The Makarov 9 × 18 has a common effective range of about 50 m to 55 yards.

.380 ACP

The .380 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) was developed in 1908s. It was originally used in the Cold Model 1908. Then, it became one of the most popular self-defense cartridges in the US.

Nowadays, people can use it in modern handguns (including smaller pistols). The 380 ACP has a maximum effective range of 50 to 100 yards, depending on your gun type and skills.

9mm Luger

The 9mm Luger ammo, or the 9X19mm ammo, is also very popular. Initially, Georg Luger, an Austrian gun designer, designed this type in 1901.

This type is one of the popular handgun cartridges as it is straightforward to use, features a lot of power, and may work well with different kinds of guns.

It has been named “the 9mm Luger” because it was designed for the Luger semi-automatic handgun. However, it will also work well with many other pistols. Most police firearms today are also based on the 9mm Luger.

9mm NATO

It is newer than other options you can pick from. Therefore, finding it may not be as straightforward as different ammo types. You can find it in the Winchester and Sig Sauer ammo division.

You can expect it to deliver incredible power and work great in several pistols.

9mm IMI

Jager originally designed the 9mm IMI, also known as the 9X21mm, in Italy before the Israeli company Military Industries adopted it. It was popular during military service while it was banned from use by civilians at this time.

During the 1980s, it became the proper caliber placed on military cartridges for pistols that the military used. Meanwhile, civilians are not allowed to use 9mm IMI.

.357 Sig

Sig Sauer, the gun manufacturer, designed the 357 SIG in 1994 with the idea behind it being to match the performance of the .357 magnum while having a higher capacity than semi-automatic pistols.

Although it is not yet available to the public, many law enforcement agencies and police agencies have adopted it.

.38 Super

Colt began making them in 1929 and is still producing them now. This type is not as popular as the .38 automatic in the US. Instead, it is more common in other countries such as Australia and Latin America.

Largo 9mm 

Largo 9mm is a good option for many shooters
Largo 9mm is a good option for many shooters

Largo 9mm is a good choice for many people. This type is gaining popularity in Europe and is starting to find its way to the Americas, thanks to its low prices.

Its low cost, great power, and excellent performance make it worth owning.

9mm Ammo Related Questions

Where Can I Buy a .380 Acp?

You can easily find this ammo in the US as it is sourced from this country. It’s easy to find this cartridge at most retail gun stores in this country.

Are 9×18 Makarov and 380 Acp Interchangeable?

The short answer is No. The 380 and 9×18 aren’t interchangeable.

How Far Can the 9MM Ammo Travel?

A 9mm bullet can reach 2300 meters.

The Bottom Line

9mm ammo comes in various varieties. They are pretty similar, although they have difference types that make them workable with one gun instead of the other.

You can use the 9mm ammo for various purposes, such as varmint clearing, target shooting, or short-range hunting.

Make sure to choose the right ammo for your pistol, as loading the weapon with the wrong bullet can lead to severe damage or even worse.

Thank you for reading!

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