Our Mission

Concealed Carry Match is committed to providing a respectful, safe and unique online community dedicated to fostering relationships between like-minded individuals.

The right to own and carry a concealed weapon as a responsible gun owner does not need to interfere with finding an individual who shares some of your core values. We help take the guesswork out of finding individuals who complement your lifestyle, whether you own a gun or just believe in this Second Amendment right.

But of course your search does not just begin and end there. Learn more about potential dates through pictures, chat and detailed profiles.

Our Benefits

  • Offering an online community of singles who already share some of your values and beliefs.
  • No fake profiles.
  • Zero tolerance for obscene communication or photos, as reported by our users and monitored by the CCM team.

Contact Us

Traverse City, Michigan




Who in the world are we?

Jim Minthorn – Owner
Jim is a good guy (that’s what Molly says) who came up with the idea for this site because he loves guns, loves and wants to protect his family, and believes that everyone who loves guns or supports the Second Amendment should have a fun, safe place online to meet others. When he’s not coming up with new ways to put his COO to work, Jim loves spending time with family, writing long opinionated op-eds, and helping his neighbor with his cattle. You can send Jim an email at info@concealedcarrymatch.com.

Molly Lund – Chief Operating Officer & Marketing Coordinator
Molly was an integral part of creating and developing CCM. She is dedicated to providing a safe site where she believes that confident women can come to meet men with similar interests who are not intimidated by female gun ownership. Email us and you get her. See a tweet or post? Yep, that’s her too. When she is not answering emails, she is telling Jim “no” about something and coming up with a better idea. Or riding her mountain bike, cooking and surfing the net. Sometimes all at the same time.