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Glock Adjustable Rear Sight Instructions – How to Adjust Glock Sights

You will probably need some special tools to get the job done.

Ever since the Glock 17 guns hit the market, they’ve been prevalent for many good reasons. Their quality, reliability, and durability are almost unmatched. The Glocks may not be the prettiest pistols in our world, but they are always a solid choice for numerous shooters. Few shooters think about adjusting the point of aim of.

Common Types Of Concealed Carry Holsters: From Newbies To Expert

Thigh holster

There are many different types of concealed carry holsters, including those worn on the waist, belt, ankle, thigh, or belly belt. With each type of holster, there will be different design characteristics and comfort and concealment effectiveness. This article will explain the different characteristics of types of concealed carry holsters. Besides, we will also focus.