EOTECH 512 Vs. 518: Can You Name These Differences?

EOTECH 512 Vs. 518: Can You Name These Differences?

When speaking of premium rifle holographic sights, there’s hardly any product that can match the EOTech series. Among hundreds of products, the EOTech 518 and 512 series stand out with their high qualities and reputation.

Choosing a suitable sight is critical for any gun and rifle user since it directly affects your shooting precision. In this post, I will compare the Eotech 518 vs. 512 to give you more insights into their basic qualities and features.

You can choose an optimal holographic sight for your shooting styles and purposes based on the information provided.

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The Differences Between EOTECH 512 Vs. 518 

The EOTech 512 and 518 are manufactured by the same brand and belong to the same series. Therefore it’s not surprising when these two holographic sights share many traits in common.

Before I go into the in-depth comparisons, let’s first examine their core differences regarding size and specs.

Comparison Table

Features EOTech 518 EOTech 512
Manufacture Place USA USA
Magnification 1X, Parallax-Free 1X, Parallax-Free
Glass Window 1.2×0.8 inches 1.2×0.85 inches
Rail Mount Picatinny/Weaver Picatinny/Weaver

(Quick Release)

Battery Two AA Batteries Two AA Batteries
Anti-Reflection Supported Supported
Click Impact Point Correction 0.5 MOA 0.5 MOA
Submersible Level 10 inches 10 inches
Laser 850nm Class II (0.08mW) 650nm Class II (0.08mW)
Fogproof Supported Supported
Waterproof Supported Supported
Field of View 90 inches (100 yards) 90 inches (100 yards)

Sizes And Speculations

When putting the EOTech 518 and 512 side by side, I notice that the 518 comes with a more compact design. It features an overall dimension of 5.6” x 2” x 2.5”, while the 518 has a higher height and width of 5.6” x 2.2” x 2.9”.

Consequently, the larger size of the EOTech 518 gives it a heavier weight than the 512. I measured the weight of the EOTech 518, standing at 13.8 ounces, which is 2,3 ounces heavier than its counterpart (11,5 ounces).

Though there are some minor differences in the sizes and weight of the two products, they are not so significant. The two sights feel basically the same in real life, which is quite hard to notice the differences.

The EOTech 512
The EOTech 512


The ambidextrous design of the EOTech 512 is more suitable for left-handed gunners. However, I prefer the design of the 518 over its counterpart with the higher flexibility and comfort it offers.

This device features a Picatinny/weaver rail mount, allowing the users to adjust the sight when aiming. Meanwhile, I cannot adjust the 512 positions when looking at the optics, which is a plus point for adept gunners.

This feature allows you to freely aim and adjust to gain more focus and shooting precision. Therefore, the design of the EOTech 518 offers higher utility.


Both the EOTech 512 and 518 share the same warranty policy from EOTech.

The warranty covers the damage and errors caused in the manufacturing process for up to ten years of usage.


Since the two sights feature many traits in common, their prices may be the ultimate factor that affects your purchase decision. The price of the EOTech 512 stands at $479 at the moment.

Meanwhile, the cost of the 518 series is $500, which is slightly higher than its counterpart. It’s understandable since the 518 is a newer model with some minor improvements made to the hardware.

Battery Life

Both the EOTech 512 and EOTech 518 use two AA batteries (1,5V), giving a long and reliable battery life. The battery also features a high life span that only wears down after a long usage period.

These lithium batteries are also rechargeable and replaceable, giving users optimal comfort. I have tested both the sights, and they deliver around 600 up to 1000 hours of usage at minimum brightness and setting.

This high battery life ensures that you will never run out of power on the hunting trips after each recharge.

Parallax Adjustment

The EOTech 518 and 512 holographic sights come with the same 0.5 MOA click impact point correction. The smaller parallax on the EOTech 518 makes it ideal for short-range shooting (less than 50 yards).

Similarly, the EOTech 518 has a non-parallax 0.5 MOA, giving great accuracy and convenience in the usage process. Therefore I can conclude that the two sights feature similar parallax adjustment.

The EOTech 518
The EOTech 518

Ease of Use

Through real-life testing, both holograph sights give a comfortable experience with ease of movement and setup. They feature the same Picatinny/Weaver, but the 518 comes with the quick-release feature.

The quick-release rail mount on the EOTech 518 is a big advantage since it allows you to quickly set up the sight on the rifle. In addition, I find it easier to adjust and modify the illumination setting on the EOTech 518.


The construction material used for the two sights is aircraft-grade aluminum.

This material features excellent durability, but it comes with a much lighter weight compared to other metals.

The durability of a riflescope is decided by its build quality and construction material, which are the same as the EOTech 518 and 512. Both the scopes are also immune to water and fog with their special O-rings and aluminum casting.

Therefore I can conclude that they possess similar durability.

The Two Scopes Has The Same Durability
The Two Scopes Has The Same Durability

Image Quality

Brightness is a critical factor that decides the image quality of a riflescope.

The EOTech 518 and EOTech 512 both come with a 20-degree illuminating setting with supported adjustment.

You can flexibly change the dimness or brightness of the sight to achieve the best image quality and viewing experience in different light conditions. The only minus point is that the 519 and 512 don’t support night vision.

So once again, there isn’t any major difference in the image quality of the two scopes.


Since the EOTech 518 is a newer version, it is compatible with a wide range of lenses and options for users to choose from. Meanwhile, the older EOTech 512 only supports one single MOA reticle with a 68 MOA ring.

The EOTech 518 supports a higher reticle pattern (-0 to -2). This feature gives it a slight edge over the EOTech 512 regarding clarity and lens options.

For this reason, the EOTech 518 is a better option for shooting at long distances.

This video will help you understand more about the EOTech 512 features, thus gaining more insights into the core differences between the 512 and 518 series.

Final Verdict: Which Is Better Between EOTECH 512 Vs. 518?

The EOTech 518 comes with a slightly bigger size and smaller laser, which give it a slight edge for long-range shooting. In addition, it has a quick-release rail mount that facilitates the user’s flexibility and comfort in the usage process.

Besides these differences, the two scopes are identical with various traits in common, from the materials used, designs, and battery to the construction.

However, I recommend you go for the EOTech 518 due to its higher utility and compatibility. Though the small improvements are not so significant, you should always aim for a better product.

So that’s the detailed comparison of the EOTech 518 vs. 512.

Thank you for reading!

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