Exps3 Vs Exps2: How To Differentiate Between Them?

Exps3 Vs Exps2

To increase magnification and collect better light for hunting, many users look to three-dimensional vision models, such as Exps3 and Exps2.

If you are wondering about the similarities between the two, check out the in-depth Exps3 vs. Exps2 comparison below. We show the pros and cons of each version on different criteria such as battery life, eye relief, durability, and etc.

Let’s check it out now!

Exps3 Overview


Exps3 is a device with 1x magnification, possessing outstanding features such as low-light operation, waterproof, and anti-fog.

The device is also popular with users for its 91.9′ field of view at 100 yds, unlimited eye relief, and support for 30 brightness settings.

Although just released in the last few years, this device, with its outstanding advantages in terms of durability and advanced features, is the ideal choice for many dry shooters in training and combat.

Exps2 Overview


Similar to Exps3, Exps2 is a device that maximizes rail space. The device also possesses basic specs like 1x magnification, a 90′ field of view at 100 yds, and 20 brightness settings.

Unlike Exps3, this device is not available in low light. Therefore, it is not a compatible choice for night vision.

Exps3 vs. Exps2: Detailed Comparison

Through the short introduction lines above, you still do not have enough basis for making a correct choice between Exps3 vs. Exps2. To make your decision, let’s look at some of the fundamental differences between the two products.

Glass Clarity & Reticle

Both have internal glass stickers to ensure clarity. So, whether you choose EXPS2 or EXPS3, you get the clarity you need to see even in snow, rain, or fog.

They all possess an anti-reflective coating. Users will be pleased with a reasonably wide 90′ ​​field of view at 100 yds, with no blind spots and distortion.

EXPS3 and EXPS2 do not show too much difference in the transparent glass. However, when looking at the reticle, they begin to disagree strongly.

EXPS2 offers 2 reticle shooting options: One or two MOA dots. Meanwhile, EXPS3 supports up to three options.

Not only does it support red laser illumination with two drops, but it also enables MOA four-point reticle shooting. This feature will be handy if you want to get shots in the right spot, even at a great distance.

The Winner: EXPS3

Battery Life

Battery life will indicate the expected operating time of the product.

When compared based on battery life, EXPS2 and EXPS3 are not too much of a difference. Both use 123 lithium batteries with a maximum operating time of up to 1000 hours.

However, battery quality can deteriorate rapidly if left in non-ideal conditions with prolonged high humidity or high temperatures. Therefore, try to take good care of your weapons and accessories after use to prolong their life.

The Winner: Draw

Eye Relief

Eye Relief
Eye Relief

EXPS2 and EXPS3 support unlimited eye relief, providing the fantastic field of view you’ve always sought.

However, compared to EXPS2, EXPS3 brings more benefits to users. This device supports anti-glare and anti-reflective quite well.

As a result, the EXPS3’s ability to combat eye fatigue and increase accuracy is superior to that of EXPS2, and the product also has unlimited eye relief.

The Winner: EXPS3


Like every other model from EOTech, these two versions are pretty solid and resistant to shocks and shocks.

However, EXPS3 is still higher in terms of durability as it comes with water resistance even at a depth of 33 feet. Meanwhile, EXPS2 only supports 10 feet deep diving.

In the most extreme conditions, EXPS3 still maintains its durability advantage.

The product can avoid solid shocks and shocks due to its sturdy metal housing surrounding the lens. EXPS3 can also work well in foggy, high humidity conditions because the nitrogen filter lens is unavailable on EXPS2.

The Winner: EXPS3


EOTech has paid great attention to the user experience with a design that does not have any protruding buttons that affect visibility.

The manufacturer has integrated buttons on the side to accomplish this task for the most convenient setting adjustment process.

Both EXPS3 and EXPS2 are faithful to the above design. The most significant difference between them might be the number of buttons.

In addition to the altitude and wind control buttons, the EXPS3 has an NV on and off switch. Therefore, users can use this button to adjust the brightness level, making night vision easier.

The winner: EXPS3


Compared to other optical types, EOTech’s products have a much more convenient red dot on Picatinny. The quick-release feature with a fixed front sight has become the brand’s hallmark. And both of these products are no exception with their low rail space occupation.

Short printing, simplicity, and convenience are the typical advantages of the two regarding installation criteria.

The Winner: Draw


The EOTech EXPS3 Holographic has a price tag of nearly $700. Meanwhile, the EOTech Model EXPS2 is a bit lower, about $600.

The difference of $100 above is significant for two similar products like EXPS3 and EXPS2.

However, viewed objectively, these two products have admirable quality and are both worthy of the relatively high price tag from the manufacturer.


Button placement, battery life, and MOA are similar in both products.

Specifically, both use 0.5 MOA adjustment, altitude/wind adjustment, concave side wind, and high-intensity anti-recoil dials.

Since the textures are similar, the control between the two is not much different. They are all the most optimal and controllable sights currently.

Quick Rundown For Exps3 And Exps2

EXPS3 and EXPS2 inherit many advantages and outstanding features of the EOTech brand. However, these two separate product lines also possess different advantages and disadvantages. Here is a general opinion about each, and you should not ignore it to make the best choice.



  • It is very flexible
  • 3 reticle options.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Support night vision.
  • Scratch-resistant, dust-proof.
  • There are 20 daytime vision settings available.


  • The cost is slightly higher than EXPS2.



  • Enduring.
  • Use less rail space.
  • Lightweight, compact.
  • Prices are a little more accessible.
  • Easy to set up and mount the product.


  • Not available in low light.

Exps3 Vs. Exps2: Which One Is Better? 

EXPS3 is an upgrade of EXPS2. This product possesses all the advantages of its predecessor and several other practical technical improvements.

Its biggest highlights are low-light compatibility and 33 feet of water resistance.

However, the quite noticeable price difference between EXPS3 and EXPS2 is a barrier that makes many users hesitate between the two products.

EXPS2, while not possessing the above unique features, still offers a stable experience at a more reasonable price.

Therefore, if you want to save your budget and be satisfied with a basic one, EXPS2 will be the right choice.

Meanwhile, if you often have to hunt or fight in the dark, the EXPS3 should be the first choice with outstanding performance.

Final Words 

Through this article, you have clearly understood the difference between Exps3 vs. Exps2. As analyzed above, all advantages favor the upgraded EXPS3 version.

However, choose based on your actual needs and usage habits. I hope the above sharing will be helpful for you to choose more easily.

Thank you for reading!

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