Glock 26 vs SIG P365: Are They The Same Or Different?

Glock 26 vs SIG P365: Are They The Same Or Different?

Glock 26 vs. SIG P365 are the two most worth buying pistol models. Each product has strengths to suit particular uses.

So I tested it myself and concluded about the Glock 26 and the SIG P365. If you do not know which is the most appropriate choice for your needs, do not ignore this article right below.

About Glock 26

About Glock 26
About Glock 26

The Glock 26 is a semi-automatic pistol model suitable for high mobility purposes.

With a typical subcompact design, this product is much smaller than traditional pistol models. So you can easily keep the gun with you to protect yourself without worrying about exposure.

Although inferior in size and weight, the device’s durability shows no sign of decreasing.

Even in many tests, the gun proved solid against substantial external impacts. This impressive ability comes from modern materials with quality construction.

The gun has a short barrel, and the magazine is much smaller than I imagined.

But the destructive ability of this Glock model is still awe-inspiring. Therefore, the safety and damage that the gun can produce are pretty ideal.

About SIG P365

SIG P365
SIG P365

The SIG P365 is a typical subcompact semi-automatic pistol product.

This version is the perfect upgrade of the previous gun models when overcoming many annoying disadvantages.

Compared to the P232, P380, and even P290, the P365 is more suitable for wearing on the waist or hiding inside the body. SIG has also redesigned the handle on the P365 to eliminate the difficulty of rapid deployment.

The change in production materials is a precious detail that cannot be ignored.

The stainless steel frame with its polymer handle module increases its resistance to external forces and environmental influences. Since then, durability and flexibility have also improved significantly.

Differences Between Glock 26 vs. SIG P365 

If we look at it with the naked eye, it will take a while to distinguish between Glock 26 and SIG P365.

These two versions are pretty similar in both design and size. At the same time, these guns also share some other characteristics. However, in the process of using, many differences between these two models have begun to appear.

Each factor has a significant impact on the way the device operates and the performance that the device brings to the user.

Here are some comparisons to better visualize the difference between the two.

Glock 26 SIG P365
  • Low price
  • Quick action
  • Good response
  • Good shot feeling
  • Easy to replace the magazine
  • Less expensive accessories
  • Thin and light
  • Good performance
  • Suitable for use at night
  • High-quality viewfinder
  • Right size for concealment
  • Traditional design for a variety of needs
  • Cheap measuring stick
  • Unfriendly grip mechanism
  • Quite challenging to get used to
  • The trigger is difficult to adjust
  • Maintenance costs are pretty high

⚙️ Design & Ergonomics

Design & Ergonomics
Design & Ergonomics

Although possessing relatively similar appearances, the feeling these two products bring is hugely different when used.

The manufacturer has used a traditional design with a shallow and flat body for the SIG P365. This factor has helped it to fit in hand and not fly away due to the force of feedback. The grip of the product is also quite good in regular positions. You won’t even feel pain in your hands when you move around continuously.

Instead of the traditional flat, Glock 26 has a design with many slopes. Although not significantly affecting the ability to hold, these slopes sometimes cause users confusion. It will take time to get used to the new design.

⚙️ Size & Weight

The difference in weight and size between Glock 26 and SIG P365 is not too big. But with a compact product like subcompact, these differences make specific changes.

The SIG P365 is thinner than the Glock 26 because its diameter size is only 5.8 inches, smaller than the Glock’s 6.49 inches.

With this size, the SIG P365 can fit in a pocket under the shirt, while the Glock 26 can create light constants even if you pay close attention to realizing it.

The Glock 26 comes 6.49 inches in length and 21.71 ounces in weight. Meanwhile, with the SIG P365, the size is 5.8 inches, and the weight is 17.8 ounces. Since the Sig is thinner and lighter with a full load, it has a concealed bearing advantage.

⚙️ Ammunition

Glock’s products have one feature in common: the ability to swap magazines. As long as it’s the same gun, you can replace the magazine without much effort.

Larger pistol models also have a similarly versatile mechanism. Unfortunately, this ability is not yet available on SIG P365.

Another problem is that the cost of ammunition and related accessories on the SIG P365 is relatively high. You will have to spend more money to get a good shot and auxiliary equipment.

⚙️ Trigger

There is a lot of controversy about the trigger issue on the Glock 26 and the SIG P365. But the result is still the Glock 26, which provides a better feeling of use and feedback.

The trigger movement on the P365 model is quite confusing. The response time of the trigger is quite long, while the resistance when pressing back is low.

According to habit, the trigger will return to its original position between 1 and 2 seconds after the user’s finger releases. However, with SIG P365, this time is up to about 3 seconds and causes discomfort.

⚙️ Sight

Despite the longer viewfinder, the quality of this part on the Glock 26 cannot be compared with the SIG P365.

Aiming operations on the G26 can be faster, but the accuracy is relatively poor. With SIG P365, you need more time to look. Yet, the results are awe-inspiring.

The manufacturer has integrated for the SIG P365 a night vision mechanism so you can make accurate shots even in low light.

If you want a product with an excellent aiming mechanism, the SIG P365 will be more suitable.

⚙️ Shooting Capacity

The firing mechanism of both is at the same level. It can operate continuously at high intensity without problems such as jamming or deflecting.

However, the faulty trigger part dramatically affects the experience on SIG P365.

⚙️ Pricing

The most obvious problem that SIG P365 faces is that the price is too high and unsuitable for most users. At the exact cost, with Glock 26, you can own a gun and many other accessories. The difference between the cost of both products can be up to $200 depending on the time.

Even the accessories that come with the SIG P365 are expensive compared to those for Glock 26. As a consumer, of course, users will always pay attention to items with reasonable prices. So it can be that this is a victory for Glock 26.

⚙️ Comparison Table

Glock 26 SIG P365
Pricing Lower price Higher price
Design & Ergonomics Modern design takes time to get used to Traditional design, easy to use
Size & Weight Length: 6.49 inches

Height: 4.17 inches

Weight: 21.71 oz

Length: 5.8 inches

Height: 4.3 inches

Weight: 17.8 oz

Ammunition Capacities: 10 +1 (9mm Luger) Capacities: 10 +1 (9mm Luger)/15 +1 (9mm Luger)
Trigger More flexible More slowly
Sight Unstable design Solid construction
Shooting Capacity High performance The trigger is stuck at high pressure.

Which One Should You Choose? 

Both of these models are products and deserve our attention and use. To get the best choice, you must consider needs and preferences first.

If you are interested in using a tilt gun or prefer products with flexible travel, the G26 will be a reasonable choice. In contrast, those who are used to traditional devices will often be more suitable for SIG P365.

On a budget, it’s clear that the Glock 26 is still a much more suitable choice. The accessories that come with the gun are also more straightforward, with fewer maintenance costs than the SIG P365.


I have provided enough information in this article to help you understand the difference between Glock 26 vs. SIG P365.

From there, you can review and choose the most suitable option. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you’ve found your final choice. Thank you for reading!

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