The serial number on the Glock handgun is like our identification number, which helps manage information such as owner, type, model, and many essential details.

In addition, the serial also helps to identify the owner of the tool in the event of a theft or other significant legal problem. It is because of the above factors every Glock owner needs to know the serial number of the gun they own.

But where is the serial number on a Glock, and how can we understand this sequence? All will have the answer in my post today.

Where Is The Serial Number On A Glock?

Where Is The Serial Number On A Glock Handgun?
Where Is The Serial Number On A Glock Handgun?

On most models, the manufacturer will engrave the number in one of the most hidden places on the gun, the bottom of the grip.

There are many opinions about this layout, but the main reasons many manufacturers give to explain it lie in two issues: aesthetics and safety.

With the aesthetic factor, having too much information or numbers scattered on the gun body will be a disaster for those who focus on beauty.

Failure to separate an essential piece of information like a number can confuse users with other character parameters.

For safety reasons, the manufacturer does not want the serial to become a sequence of numbers and characters that everyone knows.

Keeping this information in hard-to-reach locations ensures that only the owner has a chance to see each character exactly.

Yet, the number is highly likely to fade over time because it is in this particular position, and the plastic engraving technology does not create durable traces.

At this point, you can contact the manufacturer to be able to process the character sequence again. Not only after a period of use and fixing the damage, but you should also consider re-engraving the number.

With the Glock 17 series, the number is on the right of the slide and the ejection port. This Glock serial number location is relatively easy to see and easily spotted by people around.

Some other Glock series have the number engraved right on the gun’s frame, mainly right in front of the trigger guard. Many unique products have the serial number in a highly discreet location on the magazine.

What Is The Number Meaning On Glocks?

As mentioned above, the number on a Glock is the unique number assigned to each gun after it comes out of the factory. Like a person’s identification number, a gun’s number tells us a lot about these products.

Each character sequence will have a basic structure consisting of the country code, the manufacturer’s code, and the count itself; the parts can be represented by numbers or uppercase letters depending on the settings.

You should also note that these three components are in the correct order.

The first part of the number is the country code, which indicates which country the Glock was in before it could reach you.

Of course, each product can only come from a single country, which is the country of assembly, even if the components are imported.

Often manufacturers will mark the country code with the initials of the country name, such as the United States will be the US or the UK will be the UK.

Here are some standard abbreviations you may come across

  • DE: Germany
  • AT: Austria
  • US: United States of America
  • CH: Switzerland
  • UK: Great Britain
  • SG: Singapore
  • ES: Spain
  • PL: Poland

The parameter following the country code will be the production time code of the gun based on the usual calendar that we often use in our daily lives.

These codes will not be the original date format but have a shortened parameter with only 4 digits. So if you feel confused, you can consider some of my examples below

  • 12xx corresponds to the year of manufacture is, 2012 (January to December)
  • 13xx corresponds to the year of manufacture is 2013 (January to December)
  • 14xx corresponds to the production year of 2014 (January to December)

And the last part is the serial number of the gun; this count will mostly be random and is an essential factor in making the difference in each weapon.

You may come across two guns with the same arbitrary code, but the other parameters will not be the same.

Glock gun manufacturers often use additional QR codes for packaging this serial count into a single QR symbol that you only need to scan to read and know.

Do Glock Barrels Have Serial Numbers?

Where Is The Serial Number On A Glock
Do Glock Barrels Have Serial Numbers

Modern models will also actually have serial numbers on the barrels and serial numbers on various parts, such as the magazine or the gun frame.

Fixed or removable parts contain a serial count so that managers or supervisors can detect abnormalities such as intentionally removing or changing a part.

What Does OEM Mean For Glock?

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is a phrase that appears very commonly in the field of tool manufacturing as well as products from mechanical to electronic equipment.

You can understand that OEM is a word used to describe a product assembled, processed, or manufactured by a specific manufacturer for a reputable company.

Most large corporations will choose OEM as the primary production method to balance factors such as cost and labor. And, of course, it is no exception.

However, you do not need to worry too much because Original Equipment Manufacturers must also follow the regulations on inspection, testing, and the quality and standards for each product after leaving the production line. In other words, Glock is indirectly produced through an intermediary manufacturer.

Where Are Glocks Made?

Austria is the world’s largest Glock manufacturer today, and most of the Glock products come from factories located in this country.

Of course, some models are still from factories in the United States, but this number is insignificant and will not be equal to factories in Austria.

Several other countries, such as the UK or Spain, are Glock manufacturers that you should know next to the two biggest names, Austria and the United States.

Do Gun Silencers Have Serial Numbers?

Where Is The Serial Number On A Glock Handgun 1
Do Gun Silencers Have Serial Numbers

The gun silencers themselves also have a serial count to control this type of product because this part is also a part of the gun and can also create problems without proper management rules. However, the serial of the silencer has a different structure from the gun’s serial to avoid unfortunate confusion.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between A Gen 3 And Gen 4 Glock?

There are quite a few changes between Gen 3 and Gen 4 of the Glock 17 to make this product much more robust and maneuverable.

We can mention some of the characteristic changes below:

  • Upgraded to a more oversized magazine release button, making it easier to operate
  • The handle pattern changes to a new mesh design that enhances the grip
  • Introducing a modular rear strap system to help accommodate different sized hands
  • Reduced recoil caused by switching from the old system to the new double recoil spring system


Through today’s article, we have together found the answer to the question: where is the serial number on a Glock? Also, gain more knowledge about Glock guns to make the best use of these products.

If you have any experience you want to share around this area, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below for feedback and debate.

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