If you are looking for tools for medium-sized hunting games, a 270 rifle is a version worth owning. It has a compact size with a long enough range to flexibly hunt large animals such as wild deer or bears.

How far can a 270 shoot? How is its performance? In this article, we will give a complete answer on the maximum distance that this version performs.

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How Far Can A 270 Shoot?

How Far Can A 270 Shoot 1
How far can it perform

You can use the 270 rifles up to 500 yards to defeat the big beast on your hunt.

This is a product that receives a lot of attention and is an excellent choice if you want to take down large prey.

The maximum distance a gun can shoot will depend on the barrel length and caliber. If you own a long barrel, you will shoot accurately even when aiming long distances to the target.

The 24-inch barrel length is ideal for big hunting games. Besides the barrel length, the caliber is also a feature to consider.

Is the 270 acceptable for the long-range shoot?

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Long-range shoot

The 270 rifles are ideally suited for long-range shooting.

Furthermore, expert tests have proven it to be one of the best in the range, with the best long-range performance available today.

As with any rifle, gun construction and payload determine how far you can hit your target. Most users expect to shoot at an ideal distance of 500 yards.

This range could undoubtedly be more extensive if you have the skill and seasoned experience for similar games. The 270 is the perfect product of a sizable long-range rifle.

It is an indispensable accessory for many professional hunters because of its stable and flexible operation in different terrain and situations.

The device also works accurately and powerfully to hit multiple targets quickly.

The 270 rifles have overcome many limitations of a conventional long-range gun version.

Might The 270 Beat A Deer?

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Hunt a deer

When participating in hunting, you always need to choose a good rifle and have the ability to shoot flexibly on many terrains.

Of course, the 270 is the perfect version for hunting large-sized deer within 200 yards of any terrain. This distance can be longer if you are a professional hunter.

In dense jungles, you’ll need to reframe this to a shorter range for the best accuracy.

Most skilled hunters prefer a 270 to take down animals with the most suitable ammunition. In this regard, the 270 Winchester cartridge is on the most popular list even though it has been around since 1925.

Its performance is excellent, with speeds up to 2700 ft/s at close range. But when you need to shoot at a distance of more than 500 yards, accuracy may decrease because of a wind speed or orbital fall rate.

How Much Does 270 Winchester Drop?

The 270 rifle is a worthwhile investment because it increases your experience with high accuracy when hunting. According to many experimental studies, a 270 Winchester will drop about 3 inches if you aim 200 yards from the target.

If you are 300 yards away, the 270 Winchester will drop about 11 inches.

Based on the above theory, you need to aim higher to accommodate the distance between you and the target to get the right shot.

Moreover, the 270 rifles can shoot up to 500 yards with accurate accuracy, but it will be less effective than close range.

If you are not a professional and seasoned hunter, experimenting with longer than 500m may not work. A closer range will help you take out the target better.

At the same time, you need to practice patiently to master the 270 rifles.

What Seed 270 Bullet Is The Best?

You can choose from different types of ammunition for the 270 rifles. People will use 130-grain, even 150-grain, or 165-grain bullets.

This number will depend on the characteristics of the hunt, such as terrain, climate, temperature, and target.

130 grain 

If you need to take down deer, 130-grain ammo is the best product.

For large-scale games and larger opponents like elk, a larger caliber bullet will be the best solution. The best thing I usually do is to search for information on the internet and consult experts to make the best choice.

The 130-grain ammunition is perfect with the balance between the power it produces and the weight that makes it a choice for many hunters.

The extra energy of this bullet makes it work better and fly farther than other ammunition for the 270 guns.

150 – 165 grains

When you need to hunt large animals, you should choose larger ammunition such as 150 – 165 grain bullets. They will have better attack power when penetrating the animal’s skin.

90-110 grains

At distances of more than 5000 feet, the lighter 90-110 bullets would be ideal as they will measure longer distances for hunting deer or antelope.

This projectile is subject to wind resistance at lower altitudes.

What’s The Max Effective Range For 270?

The maximum range you can shoot with a 270 rifle will depend on your target size. For animals weighing 1,200 pounds, you should stay within 450 yards.

For a 1,000-pound beast, you can increase the distance up to 500 yards and use 130 or 140-grain ammo. In case you need to hunt coyotes, a distance of 300 yards will be optimal for the 270 Winchester.


This article has answered your question: How far can a 270 shoot? The maximum distance that a 270 rifle can shoot is 500 yards.

This number can vary depending on your ammo and the surrounding physical conditions. If you want to hunt big animals quickly, the closer the distance will help you win them.

We hope you can choose and use the best 270 rifles and ammunition for your effective hunting trip. Thank you for reading!


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