The complex construction of the gun requires periodic maintenance to maintain its durability. Regular adjustments also increase safety, and its accuracy stays in perfect condition for many years.

How often should I clean my gun? In this article, we will help you answer this question with useful tips. For more details, continue reading the sections below.

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How Often Should I Clean My Gun?

How Often Should I Clean My Gun 1
The cleaning frequency

There is no exact answer. However, professionals will do a quick clean after 250-300 rounds to limit carbon rust particles’ build-up.

They will do a deep cleaning after 3000 rounds with each part. After that, you need to add lubricant and anti-rust agent for the equipment to work at its best.

Manufacturers recommend cleaning guns periodically or after each hunting or use. However, it highly depends on your usage frequency.

For those that are rarely used, you can clean them first. Then, once a month, you will clean them more thoroughly.

If you own a shotgun, you don’t need to clean it as often. Cleaning agents can make your prey easy to spot. The best times for each are the beginning and the end of your hunting season.

It would be best if you wiped your gun immediately in rugged environments with lots of dirt, rain, or snow. The dirt inside the gun for too long will cause rust or scale and reduce its life, which is complex for you to fix.

Why Should You Clean Your Gun Regularly?

How Often Should I Clean My Gun 2
Why should you regularly do this task

It will help if you wipe the gun regularly as it ensures the accuracy and reliability of the weapon.

After firing the projectile, the firing chamber will conduct the fuel’s combustion.

Finally, the carbon particles that accumulate over time will affect the weapon’s performance. Furthermore, after the bullet passes through the barrel, some small pieces of metal will stay in this tool and form a residue.

It is also one of the reasons why the accuracy when you shoot significantly decreases. Another reason you should wipe your tools is the problem of rust.

The humid environment in the hunting forest makes the device susceptible to rusting of metal parts. You will also spend a considerable amount of money on repairing them. As such, the best way to keep the gun’s performance and accuracy are to clean the gun regularly.

Some Tips To Clean Your Gun

How Often Should Clean Gun
Some Tips To Clean Your Gun

If you are wondering about the steps and notes when cleaning the gun, some of the following tips will be useful to you.

With solvent

With guns with long-lasting deposits, using solvents like Benzene is the best way to deal with them. This substance will help break down and dissolve dirt.

But you must choose a suitable solvent and have a license to use it. Some types can dissolve lead, copper, and other kinds of dirt.

At the same time, using dry patches is helpful in doing this cleaning job quickly.

Wipe it out for barrel cleaning

You should use a dry cloth to clean the weapon with oil. Then take a toothbrush to remove any residue. In the next step, use a toothbrush again to scrub the bore. The requirement is to pick a product that matches the caliber.

You need to use a damp cloth and brush to ensure that no other dirt gets inside the cleaned weapon. Do this work carefully and meticulously for the best effect.

With lubricant

For correct operation, in addition to cleaning and using solvents, you also need additional lubricants. It helps the internals move smoothly, and you rarely get stuck when performing the firing operation.

Experts also encourage and require the use of lubricants specifically designed for firearms. Manufacturers will often provide the right type or recommend the most valuable product.

Proper storage

After cleaning the gun, you need to store it carefully in its box to keep the weapon clean and dry. You also need to make sure the gun case is air-tight and watertight, which can damage internal components in the long run.


Besides cleaning frequency, you can also learn some related information below to enrich your knowledge in this area.

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How long can you go without cleaning your pistol?

You can use a pistol for up to 6 months without cleaning in case of infrequent use. On the contrary, you need to check it to ensure this device’s condition.

In different environments, moisture quickly penetrates the inside of your weapon. Therefore, clean it before putting it back in the weapon case.

How many rounds can you shoot before cleaning?

You should quickly wipe the gun after 250-300 rounds to limit the build-up of carbon particles.

Then you can disassemble and maintain each part after about 3000 rounds. The support of lubricants and anti-rust agents will be beneficial in this case.

Where is a good spot to store ammunition?

The best place to store ammo is in sealed containers. It needs to minimize the air or water vapor that can enter inside.

Wet basements or ground surfaces and floors are entirely unsuitable for you to store ammunition.

It can cause moisture, and your tool will not work correctly after a long time.

The driest environment will be the most suitable place to store ammunition.

Should you clean a new gun?

Whether you should clean a new gun depends on your product’s condition.

First, you need to perform a thorough inspection of parts such as the barrel to detect problems. Manufacturers now often make hunting-ready versions that don’t require cleaning.

However, you should disassemble the parts and do the cleaning with the traditional ones.


This article has answered your question: ‘How often should I clean a gun?’ and gave some valuable tips for this task.

Thorough periodic inspection and adjustment to quickly detect weapon problems and fix them. We hope the above information is helpful to you in the process of using this device. Thank you for reading!

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