Are you looking for suitable methods to clean the bullets? Is there any solution to protect your ammunition from rusting and degrading? The cleaning methods listed below are the most effective options to tackle your problems.

This post provides detailed instructions on how to clean bullets and provides users with helpful information on this task. In addition, I will also list the common mistakes rookies usually make during the cleaning process.

After reading this post, you can clean your ammunition correctly and professionally. Continue reading, and I will show you!

6 Different Methods for How To Clean Bullet Quickly

6 Different Methods for How To Clean Bullet Quickly
6 Different Methods for How To Clean Bullet Quickly

If you don’t clean the bullets properly, they will get rusty and affect the shooting experience. These methods involve easy-to-find components and substances everyone can carry out at home.

The most effective and prevalent way to clean bullets at home is using vinegar, salt, and water. This cleaning mixture features cheap and easy-to-find ingredients. The steps to clean the bullets are also a piece of cake.

Start by mixing one cup of vinegar with two spoons of salt, then stir the compound until it is fully dissolved. This acidic solution can effectively eliminate any corrosion and debris clinging to your brass.

Soak your bullets in this texture for several minutes and wash them carefully with clean water. After washing, dry the bullets with a cloth, and they are as good as new.

Lemon Juice And Water

Lemon juice and water mixtures are ideal for those who don’t want to use cleaning chemicals as they are natural and safe. This method is also straightforward to carry out.

First, find some lemons and dissolve them in a cup of water. It will create a clean solution at a moderate acid concentration, allowing users to clean any dust, debris, and other corrosion clinging to the surface of the bullets.

Remember to rinse the bullets with water and use a clean cloth to dry them carefully. However, this solution is considerably less effective and slower than the vinegar and salt method.

If you want a more effective way, the vinegar and salt solution is ideal.

Steel Wool 

The tools used in this method are also simple: some steel wool and a clean cloth.

You just need to polish each bullet by hand elaborately using the steel wool to make the corrosion and tarnish fade away.

After polishing, you can clean the metallic dust and corrosion on the bullets’ surface with a clean cloth. Rinse them off below the running water to make sure they are clean and sparkling.

This is an effective way to clean your bullets, but it requires more effort. You also risk damaging your shell bullets due to the abrasive surface of the steel wools.

Baking Soda Solution

Baking soda doesn’t contain a high acidity concentration or an abrasive surface like steel wools. The downside is that it requires more tools than the other solutions.

You will need ingredients like water, baking soda, a toothbrush, and a cloth.

First, mix the baking soda with water and stir the compound thoroughly. Soak the bullets in the solution for at least 10 minutes to clean off all dust.

After soaking, wash the bullets with water and wipe them with a clean cloth. You can use a toothbrush to rub the bullets’ surfaces during the washing process.

Baking Soda Powder for clean bullet
Baking Soda Powder

Aluminum Polish

The best thing about the aluminum polish solution lies in its ability to clean a large number of bullets. Start by applying some aluminum polish on the bullets’ surfaces.

Then, wait for the polishing to work out and wash the polished bullets with clean water. Finally, rub and dry the polished bullets with a clean cloth.

Ensure you apply enough aluminum polish to get the maximum cleaning result.

You can also use this solution to clean the cartridge and primers. This method is quite time-consuming, but its result is more than impressive.

Car Polish

If you can’t find aluminum polish, consider using car polish as a substitution. They can work as effectively as aluminum polish but generally come at more affordable prices.

This method is quite similar to the aluminum polish solution. First, apply the car polish on the bullets and wipe them off with a clean cloth to eliminate dust and debris clung to their surfaces.

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Bullets 

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Bullets 
Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Bullets

The first mistake you should avoid is leaving the chemical cleaners on the bullets too long. The cleaners have a high acid concentration that can corrode the bullets’ surfaces, especially the copper or cast iron materials.

The storage of your bullets after cleaning is also critical. If the pellets are exposed to moisture in wet places, they will get degraded or rusted.

Improper cleaning techniques can cause damage to your firearms and ruin the bullet’s quality. In addition, choose the most accessible option you have at hand to save time and effort.

If you need more in-depth instructions, consider watching the video below.



Does Ammo Expire?

Ammo is usually made of copper and cast iron, so it doesn’t expire. But it can decrease in quality if users don’t store it correctly. The main factors that contribute to the degradation of ammo quality are moisture.

The moisture can cause the ammo to rust after long periods of exposure, making them useless and can’t be used. If you try to use rusted bullets, they can be detrimental to your firearms.

To expand the ammunition lifespan, you should store them in a dry place.

Is It Safe to Fire Old, But Clean Ammo?

The clean but old ammo is usable, but make sure their surfaces are not corroded.

The corroded ammo comes with weak-intense endurance, and they can hardly endure the high pressure in the barrel of the gun.

If ammo is old but clean enough, you can fire them with peace of mind. Make sure they are compatible with the firearm you are using.

The unsuitable ammunition can sabotage the interior of firearms over time.

The Rusty Bullets Can Damage Your Firearm
The Rusty Bullets Can Damage Your Firearm

How Much Ammo Should You Stockpile?

It depends on many factors like your budget, storage size, and personal needs. But the popper ammo you should stockpile is at least 50 on hand.

This amount of ammo guarantees you enough shooting time and keeps you prepared for emergencies.

Final Thoughts 

No one wants to fire dirty and rusty bullets. They are not only annoying but also ruin the inner structure of your firearm. Therefore always keep your bullets clean and smooth as new.

I hope that the methods provided can help you do this task effortlessly.

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