We all have to agree that gun holsters have a vital role and an indispensable item when we need to carry a gun with us.

However, it is not always possible to use this accessory for many different reasons. So if unfortunately falling into these situations, how to conceal carry without a holster? Together learn about detailed methods in the article below!

5 Easy Step on How To Conceal Carry Without A Holster

Why Should You Not Wear The Holster?

Every time we own a gun, the advice we receive will be to immediately find a suitable holster to store the weapon from the effects of the outside environment and crooks. In fact, no one can deny the use of this tool, but there are some cases where carrying a gun holster is not necessary.

How To Conceal Carry Without A Holster
You should not wear the holsters

When you actively take a gun from a bad guy and need to keep it hidden or accidentally pick it up on the road, you don’t want to get involved in problems.

Putting guns on three is no different from signaling to those around us to pay attention to us, thereby bringing severe problems or even life-threatening.

In this case, other hiding methods will be more feasible. In all cases where secrecy is required, you should not use a gun holster to avoid detection.

Wrong Ways You Might Consider

A gun is a weapon with significant damage, but stability is not high. So any careless action can lead to severe consequences, even as simple as hiding this type of tool.

You must have seen many different ways to hide, but the most common is still hiding the gun in the belt and covering it with a shirt. This is one of the wrong ways, and it is best not to follow it to avoid dangerous risks.

Stuffing a gun in a belt or pants pocket is one of the most common ways to hide guns, both in movies and real life. While keeping a firearm in a bag is convenient, in another aspect, you will never know if the weapon will automatically operate beyond our expectations or not.

The direct contact of the body or clothing with the trigger and the magazine will create more opportunities for the motivation to occur.

Covering your clothes limits your mobility, and in dangerous situations, a second faster can make a huge difference.

How To Conceal Carry Without A Holster?

How To Conceal Carry Without A Holster 1
Step by step guide

We’ve learned when a gun holster should not be available and how it can be dangerous to hide a gun in a belt. However, if the most common methods are no longer available, what are the alternatives?

If you also have the same question, the information below will be valuable suggestions you need to consider.

Use Trigger Guard

The safety issue that many people care about when hiding guns will no longer be if we take measures to suppress the phenomenon of triggering the trigger.

Indeed, manufacturers have also paid attention to this need and produced Trigger Guard models to ensure that the trigger never automatically fires and fires. Once you are safe, you can comfortably store the weapon anywhere on your body, from the waist to the pocket.

Trigger Guard also possesses easy activation mechanisms with just one shot.

In this case, the trigger guard will automatically release so that you are ready to fire immediately. And with the construction of Kydex, a durable and robust material, you don’t need to worry about breaking during use.

Along with the above advantages are some issues that you may have to consider, such as Trigger Guard can get stuck even though the rate is meager.

The Trigger Guard will need us to find a location in the body or pocket to store it. In the process of taking it out, clothes can be an obvious obstacle.

Install a belt clip

If you’re concerned that clothing might be an obstacle, belt clips may be the best option. The belt clip is like a clothes hanger, but the difference here is that you will fix this item to the belt and hang the weapon directly instead of the clothes.

At first glance, one might think that the belt clip and the holster have a lot in common, but the belt clip is relatively small and not as noticeable as the holster.

The belt clip also has many products from different brands to choose from in terms of categories.

For example, ClipDraw products often have high durability and low prices, so we can use them for many different needs. M

Meanwhile, Techna has more uses and is suitable for many other weapons.

Wear Your Weapon

Specialized weapon jackets are also a great option that you can consider.

With the design that allows you to wear it while still being wide enough to put on other protective layers to distract, we can conceal the weapon and be flexible in deploying it when needed.

In general, except for the cost factor, these tactical vest models will be the right choice if you need to store many weapons at once.

Off Body Carry

Although it sounds absurd, we can still use bags to store guns as long as they are specialized products for storing weapons.

These products have a unique design with each compartment or separate holding position so that we do not collide with each other or accidentally steal the weapon’s trigger.


If you don’t have a product that works for you, it’s not a bad idea to DIY a custom weapon holder from materials like Velcro or leather pieces. You can even save a lot of money if you do it yourself.


Can I carry a gun on my waist?

Of course, you can wear a weapon on your belt, but one big problem that you may face if you hide a gun this way is the risk of triggering and the limitation in handling. So this is not a reasonable way for us to store guns.

Is it safe to carry without a holster?

It is up to you to prepare other methods to replace the holster. The answer will be yes if there are specialized tools because those items will be a reasonable substitute for the holster. And if not, the answer would be no.

What is the FBI can’t?

FBI cant is a term commonly used to refer to a type of weapon holster widely used by the FBI. This type has a moderate forward tilt and is usually small for easy concealment.

Do you need a pocket holster?

How To Conceal Carry Without A Holster 2
Pocket one

A pocket holster will be appropriate in some cases, such as when you can’t carry other tools or don’t have enough capacity to accept them. In addition, those who do not wear a belt often use this type of holster.

Why did the Cowboys wear their guns backward?

Wearing a weapon upside down can create more comfort, especially when sitting down.


So, we has a detailed answer on how to conceal carry without a holster. Hopefully, the knowledge contained in today’s article will be helpful to you in preserving and using guns.

If you have the experience you want to share, do not hesitate to share it with us by commenting below. It can be helpful with many dummies on our websites.

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