Besides serving entertainment purposes, guns play an essential role in investigating and pursuing criminals, or defending and protecting your life.

Learning how to use guns first is essential if you want to use guns safely and adequately. Whether you use a long gun, handgun, pistol, or shotgun, you must ensure its shape is comfortable.

If your gun’s form isn’t compatible with your mindset, balance, and position, you may face a dangerous condition. Today, we’ll talk about the gun’s butt shape and how to get rid of a square butt. Let’s read on!

How to Get Rid of a Square Butt?

How to get rid of a square butt
How to get rid of a square butt

Butt typically refers to the rounded or thicker end of something, and the butt of a gun is no exception. The rifle stock’s end part is also the butt. It’s the section of any weapon you hold by shoulder or hand.

Also, a weapon’s back or butt part is famous as the buttstock, stock,  shoulder stock, or gunstock.

Regarding square butt revolvers, the back part of the gunstock is clearly flat, and the stock features lower corners. Yet, its grip shape tends to be L or K.

It’s not uncommon for many shooters to prefer to fix their gun’s square butt to a round one. It explicitly mentions removing the metal at the blackstrap and from your gun frame’s lower corners. Here are some tips for doing it.

Use Jig to Grind Square Butt

If you want to grind square shoulders, one of the best ways is to use a jig. There is no denying that jigs come in a variety for this purpose.

It is a metal piece, and all you need to do is put this metal piece on the gun stock’s frame before breaking up the metal until the final look meets your wish.

Always remember that it is easy to turn square butt to round butt.

Yet, converting a round butt to a square one is almost impossible. Hence, you should think twice before doing that.

B&R Fitting Jig

How to get rid of a square butt 1
Square butt

If you want a one recoil pad fitting jig, we recommend considering the B&R fitting jig as a great option.

There is no denying that this jig requires adjusting and escalating on the angle no greater than one.

It’d cling to your liver’s pad firmly with the surface in upward mobility craved. You can expect that position will add to the overall comfort level.

The fact is that the Brownells jig is made from aluminum.

Miles Gilbert Jig

Miles Gilbert jigs is also another good pick of jigs, which you can use for this purpose. The appealing power of this ring is because of the stops for both the heel and toe. So it is possible to preset stopping for the toe and for the heel.

Prepare Your Jigs

Whichever jig you choose mentioned above, it will be expensive.

It is okay to take another alternative of Miles Gilbert and B&R. Moreover, you can create the jigs yourself.

Use Old Round Grip

If you can’t find a fixture for changing the gun butt or cannot buy those fixtures? Do not worry! Using the old round grip to get the job done is okay.

It should be a trouble-free and easy process. If you prefer to handle your gun’s square butt, you only need to get an older round grip and utilize it as a template.

We recommend making one out of tablet backers. After, mark the outline on a target grip frame utilizing a good-point sharpie.

Afterward, grind it with the belt sander. Using the coarse and dermal file or grinding equipment is okay to do this task.

What Metal Can You Use to Fix A Square Butt?

You might consider different metals to handle this issue.

For example, even 1/4 a hard-edged steel cover will allow you to turn the L or K form of your gun’s square design to a round butt one.

Depending on your gun type, you can use hardened metal, such as steel, hardened steel, and aluminum. You can even use wood grips as a cut-out.

It is often more straightforward to cut stainless steel than a hardened one.


  • Remember that it is one irreversible procedure, meaning you can’t turn your old square butt design again.
  • The fact is that sometimes change can lead to additional inconvenience. In this case, you will have to buy a new gun.
  • Grinding through power refers to making a considerable amount of heat that can alter the metal frame’s temper. So, it can weaken the metal.


Why You Should Get Rid of a Square Butt?

How to get rid of a square butt 3
The round butt will fit the hand better.

We believe the round butt will fit the hand better. Our hand is not square, right? It curves where the butt fits.

Generally, it is all about fit. When a weapon fits more, you will shoot it better. It is also why gun manufacturers make different frame sizes.

Also, round butts conceal much more efficiently, at least if you are not wearing relatively structured jackets or winter-weight shirts.

What Is a Round Butt J Frame?

This small revolver was introduced in 1950. It was designed primarily for detectives and as a backup gun for police.

This gun has become an excellent option for concealed carry.

Which S&W Revolvers Are K-Frame?

The S&W Model 19 is produced by Smith & Wesson that was introduced on its K-frame in 1957.

The Bottom Line

You have reached the bottom of this article. We hope the above information is helpful to you. If you have any interesting information to share, let us know through the comments section.

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