It is right to say that loading magazines properly will allow you to always be ready for any emergency and self-defense situation. Therefore, it should be a must-have for you as a gunner.

However, there are still many shooters out there who get confused when it comes to how to load a magazine. That’s why we came up with this guide.

Let’s get into the details right now!

How to load a magazine

How To Load A Magazine?

Load Pistol Magazine

Putting bullets into your magazine refers to compressing the spring of your magazine when sliding bullets into the magazine’s main body via the feed lips. You can get the job done by hand or use a tool.

How to load your magazine?
How to load your magazine?

By Tool

It is easy to get a loading tool that can help you load a magazine. It will allow you to compress your magazine’s spring to slide each bullet via its feed lips.

One of the most popular options on the market is the UpLULA loader, working well for 9 mm or .45 rounds, with some options for the .22 magazine.

Also, there are many other brands on the playing field when you need a magazine loading tool.

The working mechanism of a magazine loading tool is simple. It comes with a tab at its top, which allows you to push down the follower for your first round, then push down on the previous round for the following of your loading process.

Using the tool will allow you to push down compresses the spring easily, and you can also do it by hand if done correctly.

By Hand

Load pistol magazines by hand.
Load pistol magazines by hand.

When utilizing your hand to load a magazine, you must compress your magazine’s spring before sliding the bullet into it.

We recommend using the thumb of your hand, which is used to hold your magazine to compress its spring, then using your other hand to push the bullet down until it reaches the right place.

You can find it easy to load the first round into most magazines as there is no compression in the spring.

Yet, the more bullets you load, the spring is compressed, resulting in the tension tending to be stronger. Then, sliding the round into your magazine will become more complex.

It is sometimes helpful to set your magazine’s bottom against a table or solid surface. It could be anything like your waist and belt, depending on how muscular the spring of your magazine is and your hand strength.

If loading your pistol magazine is difficult for you, using a tool is your best bet.

But if you use your pistol primarily for self-defense purposes, we recommend finding a pistol magazine that allows you to load without help or tools.

It is okay to improve hand strength by building muscle to load your bullets simply and effectively.

It sometimes just requires hand strength and understanding of the mechanics.

Load Rifle Magazine

Load rifle magazine.
Load rifle magazine.

You can also easily get a rifle magazine loader to get the job done. But loading by hand is also effortless and fast.

In most cases, gun replacements believe that loading a rifle magazine is less strenuous than its pistol counterpart.

For loading a rifle magazine technique, you will need to hold your magazine in one hand and the rounds in your other hand.

For example, for the AR magazine, such as the P-Mag, you need to push your bullet past your magazine’s feed lips until it gets in its proper place.

When you load more bullets, you must ensure that the round’s base below is pushed back against your magazine’s back.

Focusing on this can ensure that your bullets aren’t sticking out past the magazine’s front end, making loading frustrating.

Tips To Clean Your Magazine

While it may not be as often, you should clean the magazine when necessary.

Contrary to popular belief, magazines’ springs don’t wear out or break just because they’re regularly loaded and compressed.

Instead, magazine springs will weaken faster due to unloading and loading as you have repeatedly decompressed and compressed this spring.

Springs are the magazine’s most frequently worn parts and are the ones that need replacing the most. If you drop your magazine while reloading, you need to empty all of your cartridges.

Remove your magazine’s base pad, and clean all of it. You can use a brush made for this job and pull a clean rag through at the end.

That way, you can remove any sand or dirt that may stick to your magazine body.

That’s why you never oil your magazine. The fact is that oil will attract grit, causing severe problems for your magazine. You should also clean your rounds using a clean rag before reloading them into your magazine.


Should I Fully Load a Magazine?

When utilizing quality magazines with quality rounds, stored and maintained correctly, you can load them as long as you want without reservation.

Does It Ruin Magazines to Keep It Loaded?

The loaded magazine is fine. It’s OK to keep your magazine loaded without ruining them. It is the consensus among gun experts who’ve voiced opinions about this topic.

How Long Does Spring Last?

Some springs can stay loaded for many decades and still function well, and others may wear out after a much shorter period.

For safety reasons, the best practice is to rotate the magazines periodically.

Should I Keep My Handgun Loaded?

Keeping your handgun loaded can sometimes be very useful, for example, allowing you to use it immediately for self-defense.

However, you will need to adhere to proper, safe gun handling procedures.

Always keep your loaded gun out of the reach of children to prevent them from injuring themselves. It’s best to keep it somewhere that only you know.


The task of putting loads into your magazine can sometimes be challenging.

Hopefully, our guide has helped you fill your magazines quickly and efficiently, whether you load a rifle or a pistol or whether you want to use your hand or tool to load your mag. Thank you for reading!

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