A rifle sight is vital to any shooter or hunter. It will allow you to see your target clearly, which improves your accuracy.

One of the most important aspects of choosing the sight for your gun is determining the right sight height. It could be complicated, especially if you are unfamiliar with this terminology.

No need to worry! That’s why we came out with this article.

Let’s find out how to measure sight height!

How to Measure Sight Height?

How to measure scope height.
How to measure scope height.

Several popular methods allow you to determine the right sight height for your weapon, and some are more accurate than others.

The Easiest Way (Less Accurate)

Step 1: If you want to measure the scope height roughly, you just need to add about 2 to 4mm to the objective lens diameter of your scope (typically measured in mm). It should depend on the scope body’s thickness.

Then you take the result you got above divided by half. You will then get an estimate for the right height.

Step 2: If you need to get a more precise result, we recommend calculating the scope body’s diameter at the objective lens. After that, divide this result by two.

If you want to double the result from inch to millimeter, all you need to do is multiply your result by 25.4.

By going through the steps above, you can expect to get a fairly accurate result of your weapon’s ideal sight height.

Although this result is not completely accurate, it will still be more than enough to ensure you get good enough accuracy.

The Better Method

This particular method will give you superior accuracy. It is beneficial for calculating sight height on bolt open sight and action rifles, like guns that ranchers and hunters typically utilize.

Step 1: You will need to start by measuring the bolt’s diameter. Then halve the result you get.

Step 2: Next, you will need to measure the riflescope’s tube’s diameter and again divide the result you get.

Step 3: This step requires you to calculate how far between the rifle bolt’s top and the riflescope’s bottom.

Add answers together, and you are complete! It is your sight height.

How To Pick the Right Scope Rings?

Scope Rings.
Scope Rings.

After determining the scope height, you will know the minimum height that the scope’s centerline has to sit above your receiver. So now, all you need to do is invest in the base and scope ring combo higher than the measurement.

For example, if you have a scope that’s precisely 22 mm high, it is okay to use any base and ring combo that is higher than 22 mm and has the proper aim.

Here are some of our suggestions.

  • If your scope is 60mm high, adding 0.5″ is essential.
  • If you have a 30mm scope, we recommend adding around 0.6 inches (0.59 is ideal).
  • If you have one 35mm scope, it’s wise to add 0.68 inches.

After choosing the right scope rings, your journey to find the perfect sight height will come to an end. Then you can expect more effective hunting.

You should utilize an online app or calculator. There are many online calculators available, or you can download apps, such as Scope Height Calculator.

These online apps and calculators will let you enter the dimensions of your gun and scope and calculate the sight (or scope) height for you.


What Is Scope?

The scope is an optical sighting part based on the refracting telescope
The scope is an optical sighting part based on the refracting telescope


The scope is also known as the telescopic sight, a detachable part. It is an optical sighting part based on the refracting telescope.

As opposed to the non-magnifying iron sight, it will work for all systems that need magnification besides reliable visual aiming.

The scope is very popular with the long-barrel firearm, particularly rifles, typically through a scope mount.

How Many Types of Rifle Scopes?

There are ten different types of rifle scopes, including:

  • Fixed Scope
  • Variable Scope
  • Night Vision Scope
  • Tactical Scope
  • Long Range Scope
  • Hunting Scope
  • Competition Scope
  • Sniper Scope
  • Scout Scope
  • Red Dot Scope

How Many Sights for Handguns?

There are five types of handgun sights, including:

  • Open Sight
  • Fiber-Optic Sight
  • Night Sight
  • Micro Red-Dot Optic

Why Is Sight Height (Or Scope Height) Important?

The sight height refers to the distance between your gun’s barrel and the center of your scope. So measuring your sight height is necessary to calculate how low or high your ammo will hit based on your goal.

How Many Types Of Mounts Are There for My Gun?

The mount for guns comes in three types, including one-piece mount, two-piece mount, and ring.

  • The ring is the most common, and it attaches to your gun’s barrel with clamps and screws.
  • The one-piece mount is quite similar to the ring, but it is a single piece that should attach directly to your gun’s receiver.
  • The two-piece mount includes two pieces that clamp together around your gun’s barrel.

What if You Choose the Wrong Scope Rings?

If there is too much clearance between the scope and your gun’s barrel, you will get a taller profile which will reduce accuracy and increase weight.

If there isn’t enough clearance between the scope and your gun’s barrel, it’ll rub on it, leading to damage or scratching over time (possibly also internal damage).

Things That Affect Rifle Accuracy

Many things can affect rifle accuracy, and here are the most common factors:

  • Barrel and muzzle crown damage.
  • Throat wear.
  • Rifle corrosion and erosion.
  • Bedding vibrations.

Wrapping It Up

If you do not determine the sight height correctly, you will not be able to make accurate shots.

Choosing the right height for your sight can be difficult, but you must get it right to improve your shooting performance and accuracy.

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. If so, please share it!

Thanks for your time!

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