The red dot in the lens is made up of optical refraction to help the gunner see the target. The more accurate the aim, the higher the chance of hitting the prey.

To execute this technique flawlessly, you must consider weather conditions, humidity, and temperature factors and determine the distance.

Indeed, it is not easy for a beginner to handle everything at once. Today’s article will show you how to sight in a red dot to shoot more accurately and effectively.

How To Sight In A Red Dot?

Detailed guide with steps to do it
Detailed guide with steps to do it

Most beginners are not familiar with how to use a red dot correctly.

The adjustment of a red dot is quite similar to that of reflectors and prisms, with similar structural characteristics.

Here are the steps for players to sight a red dot quickly and effectively.

Set The Irons

The first step is to choose a distance from the starting point to the target location. The aiming distance depends on the gun’s ability to operate.

For pistols, the ideal warhead mobility ranges from 15 yards or 50-100 yards with rifles. Of course, this does not include the player’s aiming skills associated with their gun type.

The red dot focuses on what point the warhead will target. It is considered a way of forming the mechanism of optical equalization.

Sometimes, you can ignore the red dot in the binoculars and identify the target by setting the irons. It will be a bit confusing if the listener is not too familiar with the terminology in the weapons industry.

When the gunner sets the irons, take a test shot to see the accuracy of the iron sight. The irons function correctly if the warhead is on track and consistent.

Bring it on a dot

We have brought in a professional shooter to see what he is doing. After aiming the gun at the target, continue to seek accurately at the position via the red dot.

All you need to do is place the focus of the opposite object on the binoculars.

Next, hold the wrist of the handle. And your hand when shooting and do not shake too much, finally the shooting operations.


The completion step in the cycle is not too difficult. At this stage, we only check the results of the aim practice. Between shooting without using the reticle and vice versa, we realized the difference was quite clear.

The second result is better when the accuracy is almost perfect. Now, you can use the red dot to increase your chances in hunts.

How To Keep Ammo Zeroing? 

How to keep ammo zeroing
How to keep ammo zeroing

It is difficult to keep Ammon zeroing for newbies, although it is not difficult.

To help you find the most effective and suitable way, many experts recommend two ways as follows:

Take a laser boresight.

In a fixed range, a laser will greatly help soldiers holding guns.

The price for a laser sight is only a few bullets, but the performance it gives is worth what you spend.

Through depth detection, the gunner can quickly identify the target through sight. Using a laser makes it easy to adjust the umbrella and knobs without pulling the trigger.

Use tightening target

Brightness directly affects the ability to knock down the target. It would help if you still had to capture zero at the specified distance.

Instead of looking around, aim your sighting targets directly at your opponent’s location. The squares shown represent their location; 20,25,50 yards is the best range of sighting targets.

Beginners choose this method because it is light, simple and easy to implement.


To help you understand some of the techniques involved, we dive into explaining and answering some of the frequently asked questions on various forums.

How far should you see a red dot?

How far should you see it?
How far should you see it?

With the naked eye, when determining the target through the red scope, you can aim from 100 yards away.

It’s even available at longer distances, around 500 to 600 yards, depending on the individual’s training fitness or strong rifle types like AR15. It is an upgraded gun with advanced improvements.

Do you keep both eyes open when using a red dot?

I think aiming with one eye will give much better results. However, some still use guns through hunting with both eyes.

Regarding rifle sight, the ability to aim at one side will increase visibility.

Activate and concentrate to the best of your ability, and I believe you can significantly improve your performance.

Can you zero a red dot without shooting?

We do not recommend hunting without a scope. Having a good line of sight increases accuracy. You can hit the target right from the first shot with quality vision and patience.

However, vision is still an essential subject to practice. The ability to succeed comprises two factors: eye contact and skill.

Which is better: red dot or laser?

Both have different advantages and disadvantages. Everyone assumes that lasers are better at aiming, which is probably true.

In some cases, lasers can also be influenced by the external light environment, exceptionally long distances. Meanwhile, the red scope has high accuracy, which depends mainly on the observer’s ability and weather conditions around.

Both are suitable for different situations.


This article has shown you several ways ‘how to sight in a red dot. With just a few simple steps, you can easily use and manipulate every step.

Practice time can be the most necessary for you to get used to and master how to use them. If you have successfully applied, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the section below to let us know.

Thank you for reading!

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