The accuracy of the aiming phase is closely related to the gun’s ability to operate. They exist in parallel and give users perfect, meaningful experiences.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your equipment is always in the best working condition to make the aiming screens more impressive. The surrounding environment will also affect the accuracy of your aiming technique.

To prevent this from happening, we will send you some instructions on how to sight in a rifle scope to visualize this method better. That way, it will help you become more confident in your aim.

Step by Step to Sighting In A Rifle Scope

Complete Guide On How To Sight In A Rifle Scope

The information below is compiled from practice and surveys from highly qualified people so that you can be completely assured of its correctness. Or you can also rely on this information to develop your new skills to suit yourself. Scroll slowly so as not to miss important information!

Rifle settings

Many hunters use rifle scopes to provide the hunter with a great vantage point to ensure a good kill. So use it correctly for the best results!

Before you start viewing in your scope, make sure it’s last adequately mounted. Loops need to be tight and follow recommended specifications. On the other hand, eye drops must also be correct to ensure that your vision is not affected when jerking. You need to pay attention to this critical point because they directly affect your safety.

First Boresighting

Please stop and slow down. Take time to get a clear view of the scope before you shoot. This way will save you time and quickly make the final shot decision. On the other hand, it is also considered a valuable method to shape the shooting point for better results and minimize the destruction and waste of shooting materials.

When it comes to using the scope or aiming a rifle as known in shooting circles, we start by clearing it. The gun must be removed and hot without any obstruction when we begin.

Once you’ve made sure that the rifle is unmounted, the next step is to remove the pin or magazine. The next step is to install your rifle in a safe resting spot with the barrel facing down and clean the gun.

Make sure your weapon is cleaned carefully and precisely. The steps above are the accompaniment for the next steps. In other words, it is the hinge for developing the implementation process.

Rest and focus on bore and scope

To look at a rifle, you need to place it on a shooting rest. You can find guns at specialty stores or outdoor photography department stores. However, you also need to be aware that accurately describing shows that you are looking for a gun resting place, not a pedestal.

It will help prevent unnecessary confusion. Especially for beginners, this step is essential. The cost of these devices is not too expensive, and they are compatible with the pocket of most users today.

After you put the gun in its resting place, you will need to be right behind the rifle, looking through the barrel or the bore in the top of the weapon. This action aims to align the target midpoint in the bore, making simple adjustments by moving the rifle gently.

The next step is to center the scope and not move the rifle. If you want to retrace the same target, look down the bore.

Accuracy and balance of weight

The device’s brightness and darkness do not need to be absolute, and we can ultimately use it based on equivalent parameters. Our goal is to make it accurate enough to hit the target at shorter distances. At a longer length, you hit the paper. It proves that you are doing very well, your arrangements are perfect.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to use it manually, you can also use a laser pointer. This accessory is rated to be compatible with your rifle chamber. And it can help you do the same.

After successfully setting the light and dark mode and the reticle or red dot as the target, we can connect them again. Please pay attention to keep this balance, do not move the scope or sight to stay on target.

Focus the reticle

After tightening, we need to focus on the cross or the intruder in the range. Our eyes must be highly focused on the crosses displayed through the lens.

We need to make sure the weather is suitable for this to focus. Start by pointing the scope to the sky, look at a cloud, then move your eyes back to the scope.

When you bring your eyes back to the lens, you will see something unexpected in your focus. If the clear reticle is a bit blurry, adjust the diopter. Make adjustments until the reticle is visible through the frame. This is the foremost important step, so you need to be careful in your operations.

Shooting start time

After the scope is tightened and the adjustments and focusing operations are complete, it’s time to start shooting. At this point, you need to focus all your teeth on delivering accurate shots to the right-center of the target.

Use any sandbag to keep the rifle in place for easy and effective use. This action is to reduce the gun’s recoil that can affect you. After each shot, you need to calm your mind and quickly and accurately determine the target for the next shot.

Adjust the distance

When you have a good understanding of the alignment operations and prepare to get quality shots, you also need to learn how to cut and adjust the distance accordingly.

The interval between shots should not be too fast because they cannot respond with some rifles. Be gentle, slow, align the entire duration for each shot for better results!

How Far Should Your Eye Be From A Rifle Scope?

Complete Guide On How To Sight In A Rifle Scope 1

The eye drop is the distance from the rear lens your eye needs to see a complete picture. The average eye level for a rifle scope is about 3.5 inches. In fact, this number may be more or less depending on the characteristics and nature of each specific case.

The parameters we give are aggregated and studied in a particular group of subjects. They are averages, and you can use that as a benchmark for your queries.

Check out this video for more tips to follow!

Can You Sight In A Rifle Without Shooting It?

Complete Guide On How To Sight In A Rifle Scope 2

We can see a rifle without firing. To do this, you need to use a depth gauge (a device that indicates the expected point of impact of the rifle).

Or you can also use another way to visually determine the effectiveness of effects by looking at the barrel with a given moment. Then your field is visible within minutes.

These are the two most common ways that you should apply; the effect they bring is relative. If that doesn’t work, you probably made them wrong.


With the information on sighting in a rifle scope above, we will give you the best overview and insight into the issue. Try it out, and don’t forget to provide us with feedback! Our experts will respond to your feedback accurately and quickly!

Thank you for reading!

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