Paddle holsters are the preferred choice of most handgun owners due to their convenience. Yet, If you want to use gun holsters properly, knowing the pros and cons of using them and making proper adjustments are essential.

Concealed Carry Match will help you know how to wear a paddle holster and various valuable information. Keep reading to see more!

8 Easy Steps On How To Wear A Paddle Holster

How To Wear A Paddle Holster?

By following these 8 simple steps, you can wear this item like a pro.

Step 1: Pick A Right Paddle

First, choose something durable and can last a long time.

Choosing a high-quality model that will not cost you much is always wise. The Alien Gear model is an excellent example of a high-quality holster.

In choosing a high-quality product, remember that handguns are available in various sizes. Unfortunately, it means that not every product will fit your pistol.

Step 2. Get The Pistol And Prepare The Paddle Holster

Once you have selected the item that suits your needs and budget, it is time to prepare it and your pistol.

A small subcompact handgun or another handgun will suffice if you want a concealed weapon. However, if you prefer to utilize a handgun with a long barrel, putting your item higher on the waist is needed.

Step 3. Make Sure Your Weapon Is In a Safe State.

You should be careful when tweaking your weapon. Otherwise, you could put your life in jeopardy. Besides, you need to double-check your weapon to ensure it’s safe before working with it.

We recommend using a finger check. If you work with a loaded pistol, you need to ensure your gun is not charged and its safety state is enabled.

8 Easy Steps On How To Wear A Paddle Holster 1
How to put in this item

Step 4. Put In Proper Belt & Pants

Holsters can keep your pistol secure by relying on friction. It is possible to use this item without the band by fastening it to your pants’ waistline.

Besides, with the help of a belt, your pants will not sag because of your gun and paddle’s weight.

Step 5. Setting up Your Holster 

While some holsters are entirely functional, other models feature a modular design, allowing them to switch.

If you prefer to replace a belt attachment and attach a paddle in the current holster, it is essential to read the owner’s manual carefully and prepare the necessary tools.

Step 6. Tweak Your Holster’s Cant & Retention

Once the setup of the paddle holster is completed, it is time to adjust its cant and learn the swapping of its belt slide, paddle attachment, and retention.

Making these adjustments is necessary since the cant will be responsible for preventing your pistol from being drawn. In addition, its retention would protect a gun inside your holster.

Step 7. Set Your Gun Aside

The key is getting a snug fit when placing your weapon inside your holster. So you should place the gun aside until you are sure it’s seated properly.

Step 8. Put In Loose Shirt Or Jacket To Conceal Your Holster

If you want to conceal your paddle holster to make it easy to carry, it is essential to dress appropriately. So we recommend wearing loose-fitting coats, jackets, or shirts that can offer adequate concealment.

Some gunners prefer to sit as it’s more comfortable for them. Using these holsters makes it unnecessary to worry about your gun poking into your leg.

The reason is that these models allow you to modify where they are located on your waistline. Thanks to that, you can tweak it to sit comfortably.

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4 Reasons You Should Utilize Paddle Holsters

8 Easy Steps On How To Wear A Paddle Holster 2
These items are easy to tweak

There are plenty of reasons for attaching these holsters to your waistline every time you carry your pistol. So what are they?

Easy to Tweak

These paddles allow you to adjust the draw angle to your liking. Moreover, it’s a safety feature thanks to its auto-lock and adjustable retention feature.

If you want to change its carry position, you have to slide it until it reaches your desired position. Then, when you run, sit, or do other actions, you can adjust your position with ease.

Quick Draw

There is no denying that these holsters offer faster draw time than any other holster.

By using these patterns, you can quickly aim at your target instead of wasting precious seconds like using other ones. In addition, they allow you to grip your pistol firmly and take it out with ease.

Concealment effectively

You can easily remove and change the paddle holster as needed, which increases its usability. You can also easily conceal it when wearing suitable clothing. Therefore, it will be the ideal choice for daily carry.

Straightforward to Remove

If you have a good-quality paddle holster, you can easily remove it. You’ll be grateful that this item will not require you to undo your pants to remove it. It is worn within your waistband, so removing and replacing it is very easy.

3 Reasons You Should Not Use Paddle Holsters

8 Easy Steps On How To Wear A Paddle Holster 3
It is large

Nothing is perfect, and the paddle holster is no exception. Despite its benefits, several factors cause many gunners to refuse to use this valuable item.

Large Size

This holster is a touch further out from our body, making concealment more complicated. Also, it is bigger, making carrying and concealing tougher. These valuable items can also annoy the exceedingly thin gunners.

Limited Concealment

This paddle holsters’ design makes them more accessible for gunners to wear and remove than belt loop omes. But many people complain that keeping them tight against their bodies is complex.

On the other hand, this item can be a bit larger for some people, making concealing it a bit more complicated. You may have to put in a loose shirt or a covering garment like a coat or jacket to hide this item.

Can Be Not Secure

A strong enough force should be able to pull this paddle holster from you. If you don’t wear it properly, it may come loose.

The same can occur when someone tries to take your pistol. Unlike loop and IWB holsters, this is much more prone to snatch.

This model is also considered to lack stability. It only relies on friction to maintain the content in its place. So paddle holsters may not be as secure as belt holsters since they can shift around your waist.


1. Can I use this holster without my belt?

The answer is yes. It is possible to use this item without utilizing your belt.

2. Are these holsters worn outside or inside the pants?

These items are an outside waistband (OWB) holster. As a result, they are worn outside your pants, while other holsters will require a band.

3. Do I need to put in proper clothing?

For beginners, concealing these holsters can be rugged as they may protrude deeper from their bodies than other holsters, such as belt slide ones.

If you do not put in proper clothing, anyone can tell you’re armed. Therefore, we recommend wearing loose outfits to conceal these items properly.


The paddle holster may not be so perfect for gunners to carry around every day. It comes with advantages and disadvantages. Yet, these holsters are good choices for range and tactical usage situations.

You can conceal these items quickly, and they are comfortable to utilize. Also, they offer a quick draw, and adjusting them is pretty straightforward.

You need to choose a high-quality product, get your handgun and test it for safety before setting it up. After that, adjusting the cant and retention is essential before putting in loose outfits to conceal this item.

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