A gun holster is an essential accessory that you will need to prepare if you want to protect your gun from impacts and make it easier to carry. In fact, the quality products made from Kydex vs Leather can give us good protection for the gun and the holster itself.

Between these two materials, which is the more suitable choice for our needs and why? Let’s explore Kydex Vs Leather holster in today’s article.

Kydex Holster Overview

Difference Between Kydex Vs Leather Holster 1
Kydex Holster Overview

With the rapid development of science, especially manufacturing science and chemistry, it is inevitable that many kinds of artificial materials will be born, and it is one of them.

Kydex is a synthetic composite material with many similarities with the synthetic resins used to make tables, chairs, and many other tools. Yet, it is softer and smooth and more accessible to shape than standard plastic in terms of properties.

Kydex’s primary mission was to replace leather in high-class interiors on luxury vehicles such as airplanes and high-end cars, thanks to its unique characteristics. Later, this material gradually appeared on other products. And gun holsters are one of those tools.

It will be in the form of thin and easy sheets that we can machine according to the shape of the gun.

Manufacturers often use the gun or similar models to shape it to fit the holster well. In contrast to when in thin sheet form, when it has stabilized its shape after cooling, this material becomes much more rigid and more durable.

Leather Holster Overview

Difference Between Kydex Vs Leather Holster 2
Leather Holster Overview

Leather is a material with a long age, so over time, leather processing and processing techniques are also gradually developing along with the development of science and technology.

The leather itself is a soft and durable material so that the bags can strike a good balance between comfort and protection from external factors.

In addition, leather is also famous as a material that is easy to work with and decorate, so you can easily choose styles and textures that suit your wishes.

It also has many types, and you can quickly come across suede types because of the easy-to-handle properties and the low cost of this material. Some more expensive ones also appear on high-end products.

Kydex Vs Leather Holster 

There are many differences between the two. With a holster alone, the factors below will play a significant role in deciding which product is more worth using.


In terms of comfort, the leathers will be softer than Kydex. Even if you use a gun holster made of rugged, the product’s softness is still better.

Smoother also means more comfortable use. If the product is too hard, when it comes to collisions during movement and operation, a hard surface always causes more damage than other surfaces.

The surface of the leather is often softer than synthetic materials in general because the inner texture usually has more padding.

Not only that, but Kydex itself focuses a lot on protection and durability; sacrificing comfort is not too difficult to understand.

However, the comfort sometimes also brings a few consequences that you must consider when using.

Holster Wear

The holster is for protection and to help keep the weapon. However, it is a fact that the product itself can also cause damage to the firearm through friction with quickly unstable parts such as the frame or the slide of the weapon if it goes on for a long time.

As I mentioned above, Kydex PVC plastic is much more complex than leather, and it is this hardness that can cause wear to the weapon if the friction is too high and goes on for a long time.

In terms of corrosion, leather with a softer texture is less likely to cause decay. If you still want to use Kydex, you can consider products on the outside but with an inner lining to get the most out of both products.


Both possess unquestionable durability depending on the type and processing method. If considered comprehensively, Kydex is still a more durable manufacturing material because of its sturdy nature and difficulty deforming when external factors affect it.

The soft texture will sometimes cause re-printing if you apply too much external force to the product. On these points, there will be mold or aging for a long time, and you will have to replace your weapon holster.

Kydex is waterproof while leather is. Water penetration isn’t a big deal, but the time the water molecules stay inside the material and the effects of that time matter. So with complete waterproofing, Kydex will be much more durable.

Handed Reholstering

For dangerous situations that we need to be ready to deal with, Kydex proves to be superior to holsters.

We do not always have a weapon ready in an emergency, but you often put your hand in the area where the gun is available.

At this time, the cover, with its robust nature, will not experience instability and will keep the surface intact, allowing you to take out the weapon as you like.

Meanwhile, leather products are softer, and it is challenging to keep the stability of the lid, and then folding down is not too difficult to understand.

Taking an extra second or two to open the holster can be catastrophic in firearm situations. In this factor, Kydex with cap certainty will be a more suitable choice.


The use of covers is not only to protect the gun but also to prevent triggering or prevent others from having bad intentions with your weapon.

The tool also has another ability that is so that we can easily carry the gun down with us. It’s a good thing that it almost does an excellent job in this regard.

If the leather holster is wide enough for you to put the gun in and take it out quickly, it hugs the gun more closely.


Kydex makes more noise because the hard surface of this material causes friction with the gun, while leather with a softer texture does not.

However, the noise is an indication that the firearm is safely in the holster, so you will have a bit of trouble if you use a holster.

Criteria Kydex  Leather Holster
Comfort Less comfortable More comfortable
Holster Wear Can corrode guns Does not cause damage to the gun
Durability More durable Less durable
Handed Reholstering Always ready to use There may be a lid jam
Retention Hold the gun closer Wider
Noise Make noise No noise

Pros And Cons Of Kydex Vs Leather Holster


Pros Cons
  • More durable
  • Fixed cover part
  • Good gun protection
  • Hugging close to the gun thereby ensures safety.
  • Sound confirms the firearm has been holstered.
  • May cause wear to the gun
  • Discomfort to the user when rubbing


Pros Cons
  • Wear comfortable
  • It does not cause gun to wear
  • The gun can be put in or taken out easily.
  • Noise reduction
  • Less durable
  • The lid may be a jumble
  • No safety alarm sound

Which One Is For You? 

Depending on your preferences, you need to choose the right product.

If you want a sturdy product and are always ready to fight, then Kydex bags will be a good choice. 

Meanwhile, a holster is better for those who often have to carry a gun but don’t need to use it too much.


Kydex Vs. Leather holsters have differences to serve many different purposes.

Through today’s article, Concealed Carry Match hopes that you have gained information about the differences to find out which is the best choice for you.

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