LWRC AR vs. Daniel Defense ARs: What Is the Main Difference?

LWRC vs. Daniel Defense: What Is the Main Difference?

When it comes to AR-15 rifles, people usually think of two big names: LWRC vs.  Daniel Defense. Both have long histories in gun manufacturing and solid reputations among hunters and shooters.

LWRC and Daniel Defense guns outperform the rest in the speed, precision required, and controllability in most gun competitions. So it is not surprising that they almost always compete against each other on the gun forums.

Today, we will examine the main difference between these most typical models: LWRC IC DI and DD M4V7 PRO. So keep reading to see more!

LWRC And Daniel Defense: Pros And Cons

Daniel Defense M4V7 PRO The LWRC IC DI
  • Cold-hammer forged barrel
  • Muzzle climb mitigator
  • Free-float rail system
  • Ambi safety selector
  • M-Lok attachment technology
  • Rail panels and hand stop
  • The enhanced fire control group
  • Fully ambidextrous lower controls
  • Angled ergonomic foregrip
  • Direct impingement system
  • Expensive
  • Heavier
  • Harsher recoil

LWRC And Daniel Defense: The Main Difference

Design And Ergonomics


The LWRC’s stock rattled a bit. The DD is tighter with excellent rubber additions.

Moreover, the Daniel Defense guns feature integral trigger guards, non-slip grips, and ergonomic wrist angles for more control and comfort.

The LWRC gun may be more ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing. But some tiny details, like the proprietary rail attachment and goofy spiral fluting, make the Daniel Defense ideal for a substantial long-run setup.

The winner is the Daniel Defense.


The LWRC and Daniel Defense firearm favor rate bullets due to the twist.

The LWRC gun has a one-piece gas key integral to the bolt and an oversized extractor essential to a consistent and reliable operation.

Besides, the Daniel Defense features an SD-3G trigger (Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun) that produces a super-level break.

When talking about reliability, we believe the Daniel Defense is the winner as this gun fires smoother with less recoil than LWRC.

The winner is the DD.


The DD gun comes with a Free Float Rail System, which enhances accuracy and versatility. However, it has a poorly-made trigger, so it is not easy to perform many precision tasks.

During testing with the Daniel Defense, we found that its trigger negatively affects its accuracy.

So we decided that the LWRC won this category as it features a better trigger that does not require a substantial upgrade if you do not join competitions.

The winner is the LWRC.


LWRC guns lose as they feature a stronger recoil than their DD counterpart.

The DD M4V7 Pro has a Muzzle Climb Mitigator compensator that allows you to regulate both muzzle rise and felt recoil. Hence this gun features a more quickly follow-up fire than its opponent.

The winner is the Daniel Defense.


The DD gun has plenty of accessories and optics for the highest sight radius. Thanks to the rail-mounted sights, you can easily make accurate shooting.

The LWRC gun lacks these accessories. As a result, purchasing an optic accessory is essential if you prefer to get a great scope in your LWRC.

That said, the DD takes one more win!

The winner is the Daniel Defense.

Size  And Weight


The weight and size of a gun have an essential role in the shooting.

The Daniel Defense firearm comes with a proprietary gas piston system that increases its overall weight. So it weighs about a pound more than the LWRC.

So the LRWC firearm is the winner for this category thanks to its lighter weight.

The winner is the LWRC.


The difference in price between the Daniel Defense and LWRC is insignificant.

The LWRC gun’s price is slightly lower than its Daniel Defense counterpart.

However, if you consider the compatible accessories of these guns, the Daniel Defense gun offers a lower price than the LWRC one.

The winner: Draw.

LWRC Vs. Daniel Defense: Comparison Table

Brand Daniel Defense LWRC
Length (inches) From 34 3/4 to 37 7/8 From 32 to 35.25
Weight (lbs) 7.40 6.6
Barrel (inches) 18 16.1
Trigger Geissele Automatics Super Dynamic 3 Enhanced Fire Control Group
Twist Rate 1:7 RH 1:7 RH
Calibers 5.56 NATO 5.56 NATO

LWRC vs. Daniel Defense: Who wins? 

The Daniel Defense M4V7 PRO wins this head-to-head battle
The Daniel Defense M4V7 PRO wins this head-to-head battle

When selecting between the Daniel Defense and LWRC rifles, our winner is DDM4V7 Pro for many good reasons, such as:

  • Recoil is lower
  • More Reliability
  • Better ergonomics
  • Better scope

LWRC guns are still high-quality AR-15 rifles, although they cannot ultimately defeat the Daniel Defense gun. So these guns are also a good investment.


1. Are LWRC Good Guns?

The LWRC International IC-SPR is a premium AR-15 rifle. It is ultra-reliable, the handling is fantastic, and it is lightweight.

2. What Do LWRC Rifles Stand For?

LWRC stands for the Land Warfare Resources Corporation.

It is a firearms manufacturer and CAGE defense contractor founded in 1999. Now it is based in Cambridge, Maryland.

3. What Is the Flagship Gun of the Company Daniel Defense?

The flagship gun of this company is the DDM41 AR15-style rifle. This company sells this rifle in the semi-automatic form to civilians and in the automatic form to the army.

4. Who is DDM4 V7 for?

The DDM4 V7 rifle is the perfect choice for any shooter needing the best AR-15. But, of course, there are details of purpose, price, etc.

5. What Are the Pros and Cons Of the Daniel Defense V7 AR-15?


  • Good-quality CNC and coating of all parts.
  • 100% reliable.
  • About 1 MOA accuracy with decent bullets.
  • Highly regarded brand for resale purposes.


  • The trigger could be better.
  • The pistol grip angle is more geared towards close shooting.
  • It is on the steeper end of the AR-15 prices.

6. What does AR stand for in AR-15?

The AR in “AR-15” rifle stands does not stand for “automatic rifle” and “assault rifle,” as many people mistakenly believe. Instead, it stands for ArmaLite rifle.

7. Who Are the Owners of Daniel Defense?

The Daniel Defense company began as the hobby of its founder. Its founder is Marty Daniel, also the company’s chief executive. Meanwhile, his wife, Cindy Daniel, is the company’s chief operating officer.

8. LWRC vs. Daniel Defense: Which Model Is More Comfortable?

If you want to invest in a comfortable rifle, you will want to pick up the Daniel Defense.

We find the  Daniel Defense M4V7 PRO a much more comfortable grip with a groove for our fingers.

Although it is more expensive, Daniel Defense is still beneficial based on its specifications.

9. Is LWRC IC DI worth it?

The LWRC IC DI is an impressive AR-15 with various proprietary features contributing to its overall performance.

The Bottom Line

By now, you should know the difference between LWRC vs. Daniel Defense.

Both are excellent AR-15 rifles, although one may be better than the other in specific respects. Overall, the Daniel Defense M4V7 PRO wins this head-to-head battle. But that doesn’t mean the LWRC IC DI gun is bad.

Thanks for your time!

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