Magpul AFG Vs AFG2: What Are The Main Differences?

Magpul AFG Vs AFG2: What Are The Main Differences?

Our team tested Magpul AFG vs. AFG2, and both feel pretty satisfied. These angled foregrips are effective and value for money.

This post aims to help you determine which is better as we have compared the two models in different aspects. So keep reading to see more!

Differences Between Magpul AFG Vs. AFG2

Angled foregrips by Magpul come in two versions, including Gen 1 and Gen 2. The size of these angled foregrips is the most significant difference.

The Magpul AFG1 (or AFG) variant is 5.5 inches long, a bit longer than its Magpul AFG2 counterpart, which is only 4.7 inches long.

Unlike the conventional vertical foregrip, the AFG2 grip allows the shooters to mitigate recoil more effectively and control their weapon to make a more accurate, faster follow-up shot.

Simultaneously, the AFG model delivers one hand stop at the end. Magpul AFG1 and AFG2 grips come with a finger groove panel that is removable.

The AFG1 version is more cumbersome and covers around the handguard’s sides, while the AFG2 model tends to be slimmer and wraps the rail.

Pros & Cons Of Magpul AFG And Magpul AFG2

Magpul AFG


  • Great-quality polymer.
  • Good grip thanks to features of textured molding.
  • Can mount on any Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny style rail.
  • Better recoil control.
  • Decent injection-molded polymer design.


  • Interfere with the side rail.
  • Take up more space.

Magpul AFG 2


  • Fit 1913 Mil-Spec Picatinny rails.
  • Provide greater weapon control.
  • Compact design.
  • Improve follow-up shot accuracy.
  • Reduce shooter fatigue.
  • Interchangeable finger shelf.
  • Polymer 3-piece design.
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Require space on the bottom accessory mounting rail of the rifle.
  • Require a screwdriver for removal and installation.

Head-To-Head Comparison AFG and AFG2

⚙️ Compatibility

The Magpul AFG
The Magpul AFG

The AFG front grip works well with M1913 Picatinny railed handguards favored by law enforcement and military systems.

Generally, both front grips are compatible with the AR-15/M4 guns platform. But the AFG 2, thanks to its small size, is suitable for more selections for smaller gun systems that might come with limited rail space.

So we decided on the Magpul AFG 2 to win this category.

The winner is the Magpul AFG 2.

⚙️ Material

The Magpul AFG grips have a reinforced heavy-duty structure made from molded polymer. They can endure severe weather and harsh terrain conditions.

The Magpul AFG 1 provides interchangeable inserts for switching between one straight surface and one surface with the convenient ledge to support gunners’ index fingers.

On the other hand, the AFG2 grip utilizes reinforced heavy-duty construction against any hard knock from tactical operations and molded-in, deep grooves.

The winner: Draw.

⚙️ Design

The Magpul AFG grips are wider in their foreword section by approximately 0.04 inches, where their sides slightly raise over the rails. The AFG 2 grip does not have those “wings,” making it feel slimmer when grabbed.

Magpul AFG and AFG 2 come with three-piece polymer designs, and the finger shelf is interchangeable.

The winner: Draw.

⚙️ Ergonomics

Magpul AFG grips are considered one of the best front grips for AR-15, especially for rapid-fires, because of their excellent hand position and ergonomic shape.

The fact is that both front grips work well for the AR15/M4 gun platform, but the AFG2 one allows more selections for smaller weapons systems thanks to its smaller size. So the Magpul AFG2 winning this category is justified.

The winner is the Magpul AFG 2.

⚙️ Purpose

The Magpul AFG 2
The Magpul AFG 2

As the mounting is straightforward and simple, the Magpul AFG front grip is considered the most popular accessory for tactical guns out there.

While both the Magpul AFG and AFG 2 serve the same purpose, the AFG2 versions were designed to fit gunners with smaller hands. So it tends to be shorter and slimmer than its Magpul AFG1 counterpart.

The winner: Draw.

⚙️ Interchangeability

The Magpul AFG1 and AFG2 grips work great with interchangeable finger shelves. Since these versions provide the same convertible finger stop, there is no winner in this category.

The winner: Draw.

⚙️ Durability

Both front grips are made from the proprietary polymer recipe of Magpul. So, they possess the outstanding durability that makes them popular with shooters.

But the Magpul AFG2 was made from reinforced polymer and was designed to be incredibly rugged, durable, and can withstand duress and harsh conditions.

The AFG2 front grip features three assembly screws that hold it together, while the original AFG has two. The Magpul AFG2 version gets the point for durability.

The winner is the Magpul AFG 2.

⚙️ Pricing

The Magpul AFG1 and AFG2 grips are the same in many respects, and the price is one of them. As their differences are marginal to detect, it is not surprising to know that grip versions are available at roughly the same price.

Even though the Magpul AFG 2 is the newer variant, its price is still on par with its predecessor. The Magpul AFG1 version deserves to win this category.

The winner is the Magpul AFG1.

⚙️ Mounting System

The Magpul AFG1 and AFG2 grips enable the modern support method with the thumb-forward grip. You can install these grips on the Magpul direct-attach M-LOK or standard M1913 Picatinny mounting system.

Generally, the Magpul AFG1 and AFG2 front grips can be easily mounted to NATO STANAG 4694 and MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails. But the Magpul AFG2 grip gets another win as you can mount it to various rails than its predecessor.

The winner is the Magpul AFG2.

Magpul AFG And Magpul AFG2: Comparison Table 

The Magpul AFG 1 The Magpul AFG 2
Model AFG 1 AFG 2
Width 1.77 inches. 1.37 inches.
Length 5.55 inches. 4.70 inches.
Handguard Compatibility M1913 Picatinny-rail M1913 Picatinny-rail

Magpul AFG And Magpul AFG2: Who Is the Winner?

After comparing the Magpul AFG and AFG2 grips, we find that the AFG2 model is the overall winner thanks to its shorter and slimmer angle grip.

Thanks to that, you can expect this unit to offer a better hand grip when firing.

This grip is also excellent at mitigating recoil, resulting in better control that is critical for gaining accuracy.

During testing, we highly appreciated the better compatibility of the Magpul AFG2 grip with accessory mounts and rail covers.


1. What is Magpul AFG?

The Magpul AFG is the rail-mounted forward grip designed to enhance gun ergonomics and improve shooter efficiency and speed.

2. What Does AFG Stand For?

The term “AFG” stands for Angled Fore-Grip.

3. Can I Put a Magpul AFG on an AR-15 Pistol?

Yes. It is possible to mount a Magpul AFG on an AR-15 Pistol.

4. Is the Magpul AFG2 Grip Easy to Mount?

The Magpul AFG2 grip is easy to mount
The Magpul AFG2 grip is easy to mount

Yes, this grip is very versatile as it can link with both STANAG 4694 and mil-spec 1913 rails. This grip is compatible with Picatinny-railed handguards available.

Also, the smaller size of the AFG2 grip enables it to be more widely compatible.

The Bottom Line

Even though the Magpul AFG2 won this head-to-head contest, both are excellent front grips for the AR-15/M4 guns platform. Whether you choose one or the other, you’ll get the best experience a grip can offer.

Please share this Magpul AFG Vs AFG2 comparison article with other shooters if it was helpful to you!

Thanks for your time!

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