Mossberg 500 vs Mossberg 590: Do You Know Their Differences?

Mossberg 500 vs Mossberg 590

Mossberg is an excellent shotgun brand with impressive and durable products.

The Mossberg 500 vs 590 are the two with the highest performance among the most popular versions of this brand.

Both are optimal options for tight budgets. However, each shotgun is well-suited for various purposes with different balances and ballistic explosions.

So, which one suits you best? Which version is superior overall? Let me compare a bunch of other factors between these two to find the final answer.

Mossberg 500 Overview 

Mossberg 500
Mossberg 500

The Mossberg 500 is a highly mobile shotgun developed and distributed by Mossberg Corporation since 1961.

Over 60 years of continuous improvement, Mossberg 500 has gained many more advanced functions than the early versions.

The Mossberg 500 was initially mainly for hunting needs. But the high flexibility has enabled this gun model to meet many other purposes. It can be handled perfectly in security, sports, and even the military.

Mossberg 590 Overview 

Mossberg 590
Mossberg 590

During the development process, there were many variations of the Mossberg 500. And Mossberg 590 is one of them.

This product’s structure and safety are almost identical to the Mossberg 500. That’s why the 590 version inherits nearly all of the advantages of the original gun model.

Besides the similarities, Mossberg has also improved the quality of the 590. Accordingly, the barrel and magazine are two completely different parts with high mobility and durability.

Mossberg 500 vs 590: In-Depth Comparison

The Mossberg 500 and 590 come out of the same mold and are similar in many technological details. However, there are still noticeable differences between the two products in many different aspects.

Here are the differences that directly affect the performance and characteristics of both. Let’s check it out!

Magazine tube design

Both have pretty different tubes. In the 500 models, the manufacturer uses the threaded end mechanism of the closed muzzle. When we manipulate, the threads will move and act on the nut, locking the barrel.

Meanwhile, Mossberg 590 has some additional mechanics, such as an open ending and the ability to stretch.

This addition will help maximize magazine performance on the gun. The flexibility of this version has been greatly improved thanks to the above changes.

The 590 also has additional lugs to attach other bayonets to the gun. Having more bayonets will give our guns more protection at close range or melee.

The winner: Mossberg 590


The safety support mechanism on both 500 and 590 is similar. So, it would not be easy to find differences in this aspect. Even the risk of structural fracture of the material of the two samples is the same.

The reason may be that they both come from the same pattern. And the parameters of weight, size and case safety are pretty uniform.

The Winner: Draw


Both can be available for various purposes, including hunting. But the performance that each brings is different.

Mossberg 500 is the perfect choice for us to use in the hunt. The long barrel design and high adjustability make it more maneuverable and precise. To attack continuously moving targets, you cannot ignore the above factors.

In contrast, the 590 version has a shorter barrel length and is more difficult to adjust. These two factors make Mossberg 590 a significant barrier to hunting. You will have to aim more and constantly align to hit dynamic targets.

The winner: Mossberg 500


Compared to the 590, the 500 is much longer and smoother in hand. Its gun barrel size is also smaller than 590, 0.855, and 0.930, respectively.

Although longer, the barrel structure on the Mossberg 500 is much lighter than the 590. The Mossberg 590 is also ready to mount bayonets with the included lugs on the barrel, which is much more convenient and efficient.

The winner: Mossberg 500


The purpose of using
The purpose of using

The Mossberg 500 is not only used for hunting but also an excellent choice for participating in sports activities.

Good aiming ability, low recoil, and stable projectile are essentials for sports guns. In fact, this shotgun has enough capacity to meet all of our needs above.

In another respect, the Mossberg 590 will be more suitable for security and military operations.

This product can produce a large amount of damage in low-distance conditions with high accuracy. Large-scale suppressions or targets such as defense will also be able to use the 590.

As such, each version is suitable for different purposes. So, think carefully to get the most out of each one under the ideal conditions.


Shotgun is inherently a high recoil type; of course, the Mossberg 500 and 590 are no exception. However, if both products are available simultaneously, the 590 has a much greater recoil than the 500 version.

The shorter neck on the Mossberg 590 is the cause of this annoying recoil.

The longer this part is, the longer the impulse generated will have to travel and dissipate less. Yet, the 590 has a short neck, so it can’t reduce the rebound force.

Meanwhile, the neck of the Mossberg 500 is more extended and slimmer.

This difference allows the gun body to absorb more of the passing impulse. As a result, recoil is actually reduced quite a bit.

The winner: Mossberg 500


Shotgun generations like the Mossberg 500 and 590 are not too picky about ammo. You can use any style like 12 or 20-gauge for both of these products.

However, the Mossberg 590 carries 8 rounds more payload than 500. In return, the magazine on the Mossberg 500 is much more effective than its opponent.

The speed and firing distance of both these guns are not too different.

The winner: Mossberg 590

Comparison Table

Mossberg 500 Mossberg 590
Magazine Tube Design Less flexible More flexible
Safety Full safety function Full safety function
Hunting Suitable for hunting Not suitable for hunting
Barrel Long and light, but the snout diameter is small Short and heavy with larger snout diameter
Purpose Sports, hunting Military, Offensive, and Defensive
Recoil Low recoil High recoil
Ammo Fewer rounds More bullet rounds

Quick Rundown For Mossberg 500


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable use
  • Less recoil
  • Not picky about ammo
  • Fully functional safety
  • Suitable for hunting and sports
  • More accurate at long range


  • Damage is not too high
  • Less ammo round

Quick Rundown for Mossberg 590


  • Great damage
  • Can install bayonet
  • Fully functional safety
  • Short fuselage to optimize ballistics
  • Compatible with a wide range of ammunition
  • Suitable for combat and defense purposes


  • Heavy background
  • High recoil

Mossberg 500 vs. 590: Which One Is Better?

Through the detailed comparisons above, each version has its strengths. However, I still lean towards the Mossberg 500 with its explosive performance.

You should consider your preferences and needs before making a choice. If you need a gun for hunting or sports purposes, the Mossberg 500 is the best choice.

Meanwhile, Mossberg 590 is the proper name for the attack and defense.


Mossberg 500 vs 590 are both great products. However, these gun models only promote their entire performance with appropriate uses.

Hopefully, this article will help you clearly distinguish the strengths of each and choose the most suitable version.

If you still have any questions, you can leave a comment or contact us directly by email to receive the most timely responses. Thanks for reading!

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