SIG Sauer P320 Vs P365: Which One Outweighs The Other?

P320 Vs P365: Which One Outweighs The Other?

If you are looking for a handgun, then the P320 vs. P365 is probably the best option to consider. Both are popular weapons with high reliability.

According to many experts, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, understanding the difference and choosing the right version is not easy for beginners.

In this article, we will help you clarify the difference between these 2 guns by a detailed comparison. Keep reading for details!

Overview Of SIG Sauer P320

SIG Sauer P320
SIG Sauer P320

The P320 is the SIGs brand’s foray into the striker pistol market. According to the overall review, this version has a safe design and operation. Users can feel the accuracy of this pistol, which is quite suitable for mid-range target shooting.

Ignoring the comparisons with the P365, we find the P320 worth testing based on performance metrics such as simplicity, reliability, and standard aiming.

It’s the modern literal model. Striker attack system, passive safe mode, or active system are all player-specific settings.

Overview Of SIG Sauer P365

SIG Sauer P365
SIG Sauer P365

Launched in 2018, the P365 had a rough start competing with Glock, a longstanding handgun brand in the US.

The P365 comes with a capacity for ten compressed rounds, with two magazines available. But this can be improved when the manufacturer has released versions of 12 or 15 rounds.

Based on form factors, SIG handguns create a comfortable feeling for users. The target audience that P365 wants to target is quite diverse. Its compact design allows you to conceal your weapon easily.

In the initial stages of being put into use, the product encountered some unexpected errors. The luminescence point cannot work in the dark, which affects the gunner’s vision.

A few errors after the shot also appeared; they weakened the weapon’s operation process. There was a time when SIG had to stop production from fixing and improving the problem. P365 has been carefully groomed and provides the best hunting service for consumers.

P320 vs. P365 Comparison

Both are handguns, but between the P320 and P365, there are still differences in price, capacity, or versatility. In particular, the difference in size is evident at first glance. Scroll down to read the most specific comparisons.


Depending on the gun you choose, the price you need to spend falls into more or less. Both P320 and P365 have mid-range prices. You can still spend a more significant amount if you want to buy upgraded versions.

These are still worthy investments. Each has unique characteristics to suit different purposes.

The P320 has excellent shooting and aiming operations flexibility, while the P365 is distinguished by its compact design that is easy to camouflage.


The P365, because of its compact shape, creates a comfortable grip. A sufficient grip frame and strong serrations provide a great experience.

The outer Nitron coating with good rust protection will protect the weapon from environmental influences.

Meanwhile, a prominent feature of the P320 is that you can change the stock or barrel. From there, we can easily change the size to carry with us.

Weight & Size

Overall, the P365 gun is a tiny pistol that can fit in a pocket. Many people have been deceived by their size when seen with the naked eye. The actual length of the weapon is about 5.85 inches, height 4.3 inches, and barrel length 3.1 inches.

The measurements of the P365 are lower than the p320, specifically with the following numbers: 6.7 inches-4.7 inches-3.6 inches. The Sig Sauer P 365 weighs about 17.8 oz, while the P320 has a reading of 24.9 oz.

The aim of the two types of weapons is the ability to defend, understood as a compact hand-held weapon.


Pulling the trigger, aiming to shoot, and pulling the trigger is the manipulation process in shooting techniques.

A quality gun expressed in flexibility and smoothness in the latch joints.

The pull selector acts on the trigger differently for each type of gun. For the P365, it fluctuates in the range of 6 lb, which is slightly lower than the opposite’s 7 lb traction.


Both guns come with absolute safety features. The internal locking system is installed, enabling the user to perform only disassembly operations.

This design helps to improve safety, limiting shooting during accidental contact. The gun only explodes when you pull the trigger and comes with a dedicated cartridge.

The only difference is that the P365 does not have a manual safety lever on the outside but only an automatic latch lock.

Subcompact Rounds

When testing the ammo regulation system, I found both to be effective. However, we highly recommend p365 for its compatibility.

In addition to the two orthodox 10-round magazines, you can fully expand to a 12-15 cartridge that weighs 1.5 pounds each.

The P320’s estimated weight is about 2 pounds, not too big for an adult. Each bullet of the gun also has 140 grains with 1.7 ounces.

With an active power of 15+1, I’m sure you can complete the target in shots.


The P365 has a day and night viewfinder with relatively high contrast, which helps users locate the target quickly, even in low-light environments.

The P320 also offers a uniform sight and an excellent three-dot contrast viewfinder for enhanced self-defense.

The extended usage distance for the P320 and P365 is 5 inches and 4.9 inches, respectively. About the convenience, the P365 makes it more difficult for gunners to get used to. The marks displayed on its viewfinder are not easy to see, which causes inconvenience during use.


Accuracy of sig sauer

In the shooting cycle, the skill used and the accompanying auxiliary equipment are two factors that determine the accuracy.

You can practice getting used to it gradually in the distance of 5-7-10 meters. We encourage users to use both when participating in hunting or mid-range games.

P365 P320
Price Mid-range price Ranges from mid to high
Design Compact

Nitron and stainless steel finish

Bigger size

Easy to remove and change the barrel and stock

Weight & Size Length: 5.85 inches

Height: 4.3 inches

Barrel Length: 3.1 inches

Length: 6.7 inches

Height: 4.7 inches

Barrel Length: 3.6 inches

Ammunition Ammo cannot be swappable Ammo can be swappable with each other
Trigger 6 lb needed to pull the trigger 7 lb needed to pull the trigger
Safety Automatic latch lock Safety hand lever
Subcompact Rounds 10 compressed bullets 15 +1 compressed bullets
Sights Equipped with a contrast viewfinder Equipped with a contrast viewfinder
Accuracy Accurate within 5-10 yards Accurate within 5-10 yards

Quick Rundown Of SIG Sauer P320


  • Versatile
  • Selectable barrel
  • Improved long-range
  • Sharp, consistent trigger
  • Interchangeable frame sizes
  • Compact to carry


  • The price is a bit high
  • Need strong trigger force

Quick Rundown Of P365


  • Reasonable price
  • Safe for users
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Reasonable handle width
  • The ability to shoot is worth testing


  • Less versatile

Which One Should You Choose? 

If we have to offer a single option, we lean towards P365. Not to mention areas such as ergonomics, accuracy, safety, and compactness are a plus for a handgun.

Many beginners will find it convenient because they can carry the P365 anywhere and anytime. Attaching it to clothes is also easy to camouflage.

Therefore, the P365 is not a wrong choice if you value the weapon’s mobility.


P320 vs. P365 are both pistols worth your consideration. Outstanding in the modern gun line, both have all the requirements you are looking for.

I hope the detailed comparison above can fully answer your questions. If there is anything you want to discuss, don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below to receive a timely response.

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