P938 Vs. P365: An In-depth Comparison

P938 Vs. P365: An In-depth Comparison

It’s challenging to pick a high-quality handgun that suits your needs and preferences among hundreds of products on the market. Fortunately, the P938 and P365 Sauer stand out as honorable choices for the gunner.

So, what are the differences between the P938 vs. P365? Which handgun serves your shooting purposes better? I will compare these two pistols and answer all your questions. Keep reading, and you’ll gain more insight!

Differences Between P938 Vs. P365 

I will look at the two pistols’ specs and real-life shooting performance to give a fair judgment of their quality. Now let’s go through some core differences regarding the pistols’ specs.

Comparison Table

Features Sig P36 Sig P938
Brand Sig Sauer Sig Sauer
Model P365 P938 Nitron
Weight 17.8 oz 16 oz
Length 5.8 inches (147.2 mm) 5.9 inches (149.86 mm)
Barrel Length 3.1 inches (78.74 mm) 3 inches (76.2 mm)
Caliber 9mm Luger 9mm Luger
Capacity 10 , 12 , 15 (+1) or 10 (+1) 6 (+1)
Height 4.3 inches (109.22 mm) 3.9 inches (99.6 mm)
Total Width 1 inch (25.4 mm) 1,1 inches (27.94 mm)
Type Semi-Auto Semi-Auto
Trigger Striker-Fired SAO

Short Comparison

It would be a great deficit without mentioning the similarities between these two firearms. The Sig P938 and P365 share many similar traits and qualities regarding the design, specs, and shooting performance.

Both pistols belong to the concealed carry category. Therefore they possess a similar caliber and barrel length. With the same component, it’s not surprising that they deliver nearly equal performance and recoil power.

In addition, these two pistols come at nearly equal prices, making the selection between them a bit more complicated. However, there are still some minor differences that may affect your purchase decision.

I will cover these differences in detail in the following sections, so keep scrolling down to find out.

The P398 Nitron
The P398 Nitron

Sizes And Speculations

The first noticeable trait is the colors and appearance of the two pistols.

When putting them side by side, you can easily see that the P938 comes with a gray and brighter color.

Meanwhile, the P365 possesses darker skin. All the little details on the two pistols are also different with distinct build and designs, from the triggers, and barrels, to the holding grip.

It’s not hard to realize that the P365 features a slightly bulkier design and bigger size. Though the total length of the two firearms is nearly identical, the P365 comes with a slightly higher height of 4.3 inches (3.9 inches for the P938 Nitron).

I noticed that the P365 feels much heavier on the hands with its total weight of 17.8 oz, which is 1,8 oz heavier than the P938 Nitron. Another obvious difference is the barrel length and design of the two guns.

The P938 has a slightly longer barrel of 3.1 in, but it feels much longer when you put the guns side-by-side. Overall, the two handguns feature a pretty compact and small size, suitable for conceal carrying and comfortable holding.

However, the P938 Nitron has a slightly smaller and more compact design, combined with a lighter weight. If you have a small hand or prefer lighter weapons, then it would be an ideal choice.


While the Sig P938 Nitron is quite limited in customizing options, the P365 allows users to equip some components like the stipple job. You can opt for your favorite barrel, grip, and pistol slide to give the gun a more fashionable look.

Magazine And Ammunition

The flush magazine on the P938 can carry six bullet rounds, while the P365’s magazine can hold up to ten rounds. Higher round capacity is a great advantage for the shooters, especially on small handguns.

There’s a small beaver tail equipped in the P938 Nitro. At a close look, the P365’s magazine is a little more staggered and thicker since it can carry a larger amount of ammunition.

In addition, the added-up weight from the ammunition is also heavier on the P365. It will add around 4.9 ounces per ten rounds, while the added weight on the P938 is only 3 ounces (for six rounds).

The Sig P365
The Sig P365 


Both the P938 and P365 deliver pretty comfortable and light recoil through the shooting tests. There was a little flip and minor movement when pulling the trigger, but they still bring low recoil and comfort in the usage process.

The two guns are very light, so it’s impossible to avoid the flip when shooting. Therefore you should hold them tight using proper shooting techniques.

I can conclude that the two handguns give nearly similar recoil, and it’s very hard to pick the winner due to their low recoil power. It depends more on the type of pellets and bullet grain you use.

Design & Grip

There are small serrations of the P938 Nitron that help improve its versatility. The P365 has a small undercut that increases the overall grip when holding.

While both pistols offer a comfortable holding experience with a high grip, I personally prefer the P938 with its compact design. Its grip sticks out just a few inches compared to the P365.

When flipping the two handguns, the magazine container of the P365 is a little bit longer, making it ideal for gunners with big hands. It gives you a small extra space for optimal grip and comfort.


The P365 Is A More Affordable Option
The P365 Is A More Affordable Option

The Sig Sauer Pistols are notorious for their high quality, but the high costs are also a big concern. You have to pay hundreds or not more than one thousand dollars for a premium pistol series.

The Sig P365 has a street price of $499, while the XL version costs around $579.

Meanwhile, the Sig P938 has an average cost of $735 for the brand new guns and around $600 for the used products.

You have to pay an extra $235 for the P938 model, which accounts for 50% of the P365’s price. So, the P365 is a more affordable choice for the gunners.

If you want more in-depth comparisons between these two pistols, consider watching this video.

Final Verdict: Which Is Better Between P938 Vs. P365 

Overall, there won’t be many significant improvements on the P938 Nitron compared to its counterpart, despite the 50% increase in price. The differences boil down to the design and sizes of the two pistols.

The P938 offers a compact design with lighter weight, making it ideal for gunners with small hands and optimizing the conceal carrying ability. The P365 is slightly bigger and thicker, giving a more bulky shooting experience.

The designs and little details on the two handguns are also distinct, from the barrels and grip to the magazine. I personally prefer the P938 design with its darker color and modern look.

However, paying an extra $200 for the P938 might not be a worthy investment since the two pistols give pretty similar recoil, quality, and performance. If you want the best value for money, go for the P365.

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