The holsters help you hold and carry the pistols around more conveniently.

There are various types of gun holsters with different characteristics. You may have heard of common types like the OWB, IWB, and pancake holster.

So what is a pancake holster? How to use this product? How is it different from the other types of holsters? If you are planning to purchase a suitable pancake carrier, it is crucial to grasp its characteristics.

This post will shine more depth on the basics of pancake holsters to help ease your purchase decision. Let’s get right into the details!

What Is A Pancake Holster? 

The pancake holsters are a common gun carrier category like the IWB, OWB, or shoulder holsters. This product consists of two main parts sewed together by brass or linked by steel hardware. This feature is the inspiration for its name, like a pancake. A pancake holster is typically worn on a gun belt.

What Is A Pancake Holster? All That You Need To Know

The original pancake holsters were invented 60 years ago by Roy Baker. Like the IWB holsters, the pancake holsters are also a type of concealed gun carrier. It helps the users hold the weapon and hide it from other people’s views.

The regular products consist of two flat pieces molded into the gun shape. They feature around two or three belt slots that users can use to attach to the belt.

Unlike the belt loops, belt slots help the holster attach more tightly to the belt without wiggling. There are also removable metal or plastic belt clips, which are attached to the holsters.

The main wearing position of the pancake holsters is around the waistline, which can be attached to a belt on your waistband. They can come in various sizes, designs, and materials, such as Kydex, leather, or plastic.

The core difference between the pancake and IWB (inside the waistband) holsters lies in the clip design. A typical pancake holster has a clip on the outside, while the IWB ones have a clip inside.

What Is A Pancake Holster? All That You Need To Know 1
The Two Connected Flat Pieces

The Advantages Of A Pancake Holster  

Since you can wear the pancake holsters by running the gun belt through, it won’t sag down or fall out of your waistline. Meanwhile, the traditional IWB holsters can easily sag down in your pants and cause tremendous inconvenience.

More Carrying Slots

A gun belt features a lot of wearing spots (around 2 to 3), which means that you can wear more than one pancake holster at a time. This feature is a significant advantage for those who want to carry two or three gun belts at a time.

In addition, wearing two pancake carriers on the two sides of your belt can distribute the weight evenly on your waistband. Thus you won’t feel heavy on one side after a long time.

Less Retention And More Comfort

Putting the gun carrier between your waistband and the pants takes more time to draw the weapon. You also feel more inconvenient as the holster and pistol directly touch your body.

Not to mention the risk of the pistol accidentally triggering and causing fatal damage to your legs and body parts. The pancake holsters can solve this problem since they are attached to the gun belt worn around your waistband.

For this reason, you can quickly reach and draw the pistol in a matter of seconds. The pancake holsters are especially beneficial for bodyguards and police officers.

In dangerous situations, grasping your gun a few seconds late can lead to fatal consequences. Not to mention that the police officers have to carry a lot of heavy equipment and tools.

A pancake holster can reduce the weight and pressure on their waistband and help them run or walk easier.

Some special product lines have an additional thumb break, which increases the retention level in case someone wants to steal your weapon.

Lightweight And Conceal Ability

What Is A Pancake Holster? All That You Need To Know 2
The Gun Belts

Another crucial advantage of a pancake holster is its lightweight. A common pancake holster is significantly lighter than the other products. Therefore, it is ideal for people who usually carry guns around for most of the day.

Although you won’t notice much difference in weight at first, the pancake holsters are a game-changer when carrying the gun for many hours consecutively.

It helps reduce the stress and pressure on the waistband and gives the user more comfort. The pancake holsters can be carried openly or concealed, depending on your preferences.

Furthermore, you can easily change its wearing position on the gun belt to suit different situations. You can put the holsters under the shirt, and no one can spot that you’re carrying a weapon.

If you need more detailed information, consider watching the video below.

How to Use a Pancake Holster? 

For a pancake holster to fit, you must choose the right size for the gun and your body type. A typical product comes with two or three belt slots, with three being more common.

Try out all the positions on your belt first to determine which one feels most comfortable. A great wearing position allows you to draw the gun easily in a short time. It should also fit your carry style and dressing.

After picking your favorite wearing spot and holster size, move on to dress for the holster. Obviously, you need a gun belt to hold the pancake holster. You should choose the gun belt with a width matching your holster’s specification.

It is not recommended to wear the holsters with regular or leather belts, as they will wear down quickly. The holster is also not tightened to the belt and can sag down easily.

Another thing to consider is coverage. You can easily hide the pancake holsters and carried pistols from view as they are attached tightly to the belt. You must wear a sweater, T-shirt, or coat outside to conceal it.

However, don’t pick too baggy or long clothes as they can make you look suspicious and draw more attention. Just the regular outfits are sufficient to conceal the weapon.

Also, ensure that the coat or sweater won’t hinder your gun drawing, which is vital in emergency situations.

What Is A Pancake Holster? All That You Need To Know 3
The Size Is Crucial

How To Choose a Pancake Holster?

Pancake holsters have been invented for more than 60 years. There are hundreds of product lines with various specifications on the market.


It is crucial that you look at the holster’s specifications and size before purchasing. They will tell if the product suits your carrying style and weapon. Its size should perfectly match your weapon size.

If the holster size doesn’t fit your pistol, it will loosen when carrying and cause a lot of annoyance. The oversized holsters can also cause scratches and external damage to your weapon.

The Suitable Style 

Opt for the leather pancake holsters if you want a stunning and classy visual. They are very durable and can last for many years without wearing them down.

The Kydex or nylon pancake holsters are an ideal option for beginners who want a more affordable product. They are also very beautiful and give you many options in the purchase process.

What Is A Pancake Holster? All That You Need To Know 4
The Classy Black Leather Pancake Holster

Who Are The Pancake Holster Ideal For?

The pancake holsters apply to virtually everyone with different body sizes.

However, they give more comfort than the other categories if you don’t want to carry heavy holsters that pressure the waistband.

People with a history of the lower back , hip, and joint pain should opt for pancake holsters. It is also a low-profile and affordable category if you have a tight budget.

Final Thoughts 

Pancake holsters consist of two flat pieces skewed or linked together to become a gun shape. It can be attached to the gun belt and hidden from view. Compared to the other products, pancake holsters are lighter and more convenient.

I hope that you are satisfied with the information provided in this post.

Thank you for reading!

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