Ruger EC9S Vs LC9S: What Is The Main Difference?

Ruger EC9S Vs LC9S: What Is The Main Difference?

In terms of quality subcompact models, the Ruger EC9S and LC9S are the first two names that come to mind. Despite the similarities between the two models, they still have notable differences.

To help you better understand the differences between Ruger EC9S vs. LC9S, I will conduct a comparison between the important factors of both guns.

Let’s explore it now!

Overview Of Ruger EC9S

Overview Of Ruger EC9S
Overview Of Ruger EC9S

Ruger EC9S is a pistol with a subcompact design manufactured and distributed by Ruger. It is a worthwhile upgrade to the Ruger EC9.

Ruger announced the EC9S as an alternative to the regular ec9 series. In addition to fixing the problems of its predecessor, the gun also has many changes about modifications in the stroke and firing mechanism.

Ruger EC9S is compact, so you can easily carry it around without being exposed. This compact model offers a total capacity of 7 9mm rounds in a cartridge.

Many outstanding safety features such as striker block and magazine break safety are also integrated inside.

Overview Of Ruger LC9S

Overview Of Ruger LC9S
Overview Of Ruger LC9S

The Ruger LC9S is not too different from most pistols with other subcompact designs. Its size is relatively small compared to a standard handgun. With such a structure, you can easily hide it inside to protect yourself.

This model also owns the usual 7-round magazine. You can also pre-load one to increase the capacity to 7+1.

Compared to the LC9, the LC9S has changed the feedback mechanism from double action to a striker-fired design like many other modern products.

This change makes the manipulation of the gun lighter and more maneuverable.

Ruger EC9S vs. LC9S: Head-To-Head Comparison

You need to know the most apparent differences when comparing EC9S and LC9S. These factors will determine which product is right for you.

⚙️ Sights

There is a vast difference in the EC9S and LC9S’s aiming ability.

The manufacturer has equipped the LC9S with adjustable sights to increase its sights. Meanwhile, EC9S only owns a regular mechanical viewfinder.

The aiming system on the Ruger EC9S is fixed in one position instead of on the slider like the LC9S. Such a design can increase the shooting feeling and the user’s comfort.

Of course, we can manually intervene to add a slider to EC9S. However, you will have to spend more time and money to perform this operation.

⚙️ Rounds

A magazine on the Ruger LC9S and EC9S has a maximum capacity of 7 9mm rounds. Both models also offer +1 reloading to increase storage space.

The ammo size available in both models is no different. You can use 9mm ammo or other variations of the same size. Even swapping magazines between Ruger LC9S and EC9S is relatively easy.

As such, it does not make much difference in the round of these two gun models.

⚙️ Trigger

The EC9S’s trigger is quite flexible, while the performance of the one on the LC9S is not perfect. Despite sharing the same dual-action only trigger (DAO), it’s clear that the EC9S’s firing feel is much more realistic and responsive.

The answer to this disparity comes from the triggering time and construction of the trigger. The activation time of the LC9S is quite long because the firing journey is not the best.

When our finger has returned to its original position, the trigger has not yet responded, creating several seconds delays.

In terms of texture, the EC9S’s trigger is much lighter. Although light, its shooting feel is solid with the appropriate firing stroke.

⚙️ Price

EC9S is cheaper than LC9S. By removing the dynamic aiming system and changing the composition, Ruger reduced the cost of the EC9S to a lower level.

The processing cost of this gun model is also much cheaper than the LC9S. All these combined answer the disparity of both gun models.

⚙️ Design

The design
The design

Both designs are almost similar if you observe them with the naked eye. Even many newbies may confuse these two models. So in terms of looks, there’s not much to consider.

Ergonomic factors on the Ruger EC9S and LC9S are difficult to distinguish. Both have a subcompact shape with a flat horizontal body and a downward barrel. In general, we will still feel comfortable using these two gun models.

The thing that will help you distinguish these two models most easily will have to be the accessories that come with them.

The Ruger LC9S is the winner when there are support systems. Meanwhile, being a minimalist design to optimize costs, EC9S lacks many such features.

⚙️ Weight & Size

In terms of size and weight, both Ruger EC9S and LC9S share the same parameters. The manufacturer used the same mold to create these two guns. Therefore, finding a vast difference between the two is almost impossible.

The two products’ height is 4.5 inches, while the length is 6 inches. In addition, the weight of the LC9S stands at 17.1 oz, while the figure for the EC9S is 17.8 oz.

There is a difference, but 0.7 oz does not affect the operability and user experience much.

⚙️ Accuracy

The accuracy of these two models is relatively high. You can feel the firing ability of both EC9S and LC9S in each range. However, the aiming barrel problem on the EC9S can significantly reduce accuracy.

The LC9S might be a better choice if you are a sensory shooter. The long response time allows us to operate comfortably and feel each shot better.

Ruger EC9S Ruger LC9S
Sights Inability to adjust the viewfinder Adjustable viewfinder
Rounds 7+1 bullet caliber 9mm 7+1 bullet caliber 9mm
Trigger Effective response Slow response
Price Cheaper More expensive
Design Fewer features More features
Weight & Size Height: 4.5 inches

Weight: 17.8 oz.

Length: 6 inches

Height: 4.5 inches

Weight: 17.1 oz

Length: 6 inches

Accuracy High accuracy High accuracy

Ruger EC9S Pros and Cons


  • Modern shooting mechanism
  • Good firing system
  • Quick and clear response
  • High precision
  • Lower price
  • Has safety features
  • Can use cross-accessories


  • The alloy structure is not good quality
  • Inability to adjust the viewfinder

Ruger LC9S Pros and Cons


  • Many quality features
  • Changeable aiming system
  • High-quality structural alloy
  • Has safety features
  • Can use cross-accessories
  • Dark accuracy


  • The trigger system needs improvement

Ruger EC9S vs LC9S: Which One Should You Choose? 

The answer to this question will depend on your needs and budget. If you need a cheap gun model, the EC9S will be more suitable because of its low price.

However, if you use the viewfinder, the EC9S cannot compare to the LC9S. And conversely, for a user who feels manipulated, the LC9S is a bit more inferior.


Above is a complete comparison of the Ruger EC9S vs LC9S. Although there are similarities, the differences between these two models are also many factors.

And it would help if you understood your needs and preferences to choose the more suitable one. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact us directly via email to get the correct answer.

Thank you for reading!

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