Scope adjustment: which way to turn? The scope plays a vital role in your shooting accuracy. When shooting in hunts or competitions, adjusting the gun scope properly to get the best aiming angle is crucial.

But have you known the correct ways to adjust your gun scope? The falsely adjusted scope will affect your shooting and cause significant annoyances.

This post will discuss the methods for scope adjustment and give you detailed instructions. Let’s read on to discover more about your weapon.

Scope Adjustment Which Way To Turn?

The Ways To Adjust And Turn Your Scope 

Here are the most common ways to turn your scope. Of course, you cannot perform the task successfully on the first try. It takes a lot of practice and attempts to turn it perfectly.

Windage Fixation (Left Or Right)

The Windage on the scope allows users to move the tool slightly to the left or right. You can perform it using the turret located on the device’s right side and change the bullet’s horizontal.

However, you don’t need to use the windage fixation much if the scope is set at zero. If the bullet hits a few inches away from the aimed target, it is because you haven’t adjusted the windage fixation.

The winds and weather conditions also affect the bullet’s trajectory, and you may struggle to turn the Windage. You can adjust it with two types of turrets: MRAD and MOA.

MOA or Minutes of angle is the most popular unit for Windage on many weapons’ scopes.

Scope Adjustment Which Way To Turn? 1
The Windage Knob

Height Adjustment (Up Or Down)

Height Adjustment is another critical method to consider. As its name suggests, height adjustment allows users to change the elevation of the scopes by elevating the knob or turret.

Unlike the windage fixation that moves the scope left or right, you can calculate the proper target’s height and turn up or down your turret accordingly. The knob can be rotated in the “U” and “D” directions.

Height adjustment doesn’t get affected by the wind conditions, making it a more common method than windage fixation. As gravity pulls down the bullets when you fire, they will drop more the further your shooting distance.

Therefore, you need to resort to height adjustment depending on the shooting and traveling distance of the bullets so that they precisely hit the target.

Parallax Adjustment

If the bullet hits the target but not in your desired spot, the focal plane or parallax of the scopes is not correctly modified.

By adjusting the parallax, you can align the reticule and cross-hair in the scope and increase shooting accuracy.

Eyepiece Adjustment

The beginners may feel eye strain when using this technique initially. But an adjusted eyepiece will help you shoot the blurred target more accurately.

Eyepiece adjustment gives you a sharper and clearer reticle, which significantly levels your shooting skills and accuracy.

Scope Adjustment Which Way To Turn? 2
The Scope Elevation Turret

How To Adjust The Scope? 

As I have covered the three primary methods to adjust the scopes on guns, here are the detailed instructions to perform the task. It takes a lot of practice before you become adept at the task, so be patient and follow the guide carefully.

Windage Fixation 

You can change the windage fixation using the windage knob located on the left or right of the scopes. If you turn the knob to the right or left, the Windage will turn accordingly and affect the point of impact.

Each windage unit is called a click, which indicates the angular measurements of the bullets’ trajectory. The most common windage unit is MOA (Minute of angles), which is measured in inches.

For example, one MOA at a distance of 100 yards equals around 1,047 inches.

If you want to adjust the scope ½ inches to the right, change your knob ½ MOA to the right accordingly.

Elevation Adjustment

You can adjust the shooting target by changing the elevation turret to either direction. However, you have to adjust the turret vertically, down, or up instead of left and right.

You can see two symbols of “D” and “U” on the elevation turret. You can elevate the scope by rotating the knob to the “U” symbol. Rotate the knob towards the “D” symbol if you want to move it downward.

Like the windage fixation, each unit or click is measured in inches, but the exact number varies on different types of scope (most commonly 1, ½, or ¼ inches) at 100 yards.

You can read the manual owner to know the exact measurement of the click before adjusting the scope’s elevation.

Parallax Adjustment

The parallax adjustment is getting more popular as a method for adjusting the scopes. You can find this technique on many high-quality scopes explicitly designed for shooting at long ranges.

You need to apply this method when the target and reticle are not on the same focal plane. It allows the gun users to modify the focus and achieve a more transparent image picture.

How To Adjust The EyePiece? 

Scope Adjustment Which Way To Turn? 3
Adjusting The Eyepiece Gives You More Precision

To adjust the eyepiece of the scopes, you need to place a white paper sheet a few feet away from the scope. Now look through it a few times shortly and modify the focus.

After each attempt, close and let your eye rest shortly before moving on to the next try to avoid eye strains and fatigue. You correctly adjusted the eyepiece when the reticle was crystal clear via the scopes.

If you need more in-depth instructions, consider watching the video below.


How Do The Turrets On Your RifleScope Work?

You can find the turrets on virtually any rifle scope nowadays, along with the knobs. These items vary on different types of rifles and weapons.

The turret helps you set the scope to zero by moving the reticle upward, downward, to the right, or left. When the reticle is aligned with the target, the bullet can hit it precisely.

There are basic types of turrets:

  • Target turrets: these tools deliver the best precision, which has been a standard on rifle scopes for a long time. Using the target turrets, you can make small changes and adjustments to the scope.
  • Ballistic Turrets: Although they function in the same way as target turrets do, they make significantly larger adjustments. Therefore they are not ideal for shooters who need the utmost precision.
  • Coin Style: Since these turrets are very narrow, they cannot be operated using the fingertips solely.


How To Adjust Elevation With Turrets?

Some turrets can be operated with the fingertips or hands alone, while some require special tools. It is essential to know the type of turrets equipped on your riflescope.

You can find the elevation turret on the top of the riflescope. If you want to move the reticle upward, elevate the turret in the upward direction, and vice versa.

Scope Adjustment Which Way To Turn? 4
An Aligned Reticle Is Crucial

How To Adjust Windage With Turrets?

The turrets on the right or left side of the riflescope run in the right or left direction. Move it in either direction, and the reticle will shift accordingly.

How To Use Zero Reset?

The most convenient and most accessible method is to look through it and check if the scope is correctly centered using a mirror. If the scope is not at zero, you will notice the shadow behind the article reflected in the mirror.

Keep adjusting until all the shadow disappears, and you are successful.

Final Thoughts 

Those are all the primary methods for rifle scope adjustment. It may be hard to get used to at the beginning, but you will learn very quickly. After a short time, you can adjust the scope with minimal effort and get better shooting precision.

I hope that you are satisfied with the information provided in this post.

Thank you for reading!

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