There are many different types of concealed carry holsters, including those worn on the waist, belt, ankle, thigh, or belly belt.

With each type of holster, there will be different design characteristics and comfort and concealment effectiveness.

This article will explain the different characteristics of types of concealed carry holsters.

Besides, we will also focus on giving typical advantages and disadvantages to help you understand the product and make the right decision for your requirements.

Let’s keep an eye on it!

Top 10 Types Of Concealed Carry Holsters

Each type of holster has separate access and protection for the gun. Below, I will review the 10 popular holsters for concealed items in detail. Please scroll gently so as not to miss important information!

Shoulder holster

Shoulder holster

Shoulder holsters are products designed to be around your shoulders.

Compared to the gun bag models arranged on the side, this holster is quite new with many special creations. Despite this, it still stands out and successfully attracts the attention of many users.

Overall, this holster has some of the following advantages:

  • Suitable for handguns: This holster is the perfect suggestion if you own firearms. It allows you to position the gun and move it quickly and easily.
  • Comfort: For some people, this holster gives them a comfortable feeling. Unlike other leather cases, this product helps create lightness and comfort for you even when you sit.
  • No extra weight: It’s relatively light and won’t add weight to your body.
  • Some additional accessories can be carried: A special advantage of this holster is the ability to attach other accessories. You can add any important accessories you want without causing trouble or inconvenience for you on the go.

However, it is not suitable for your long guns. It is inconvenient and will probably expose the weapon to the public.

Ankle holster

Ankle holster

The ankle holster is to tie directly to your ankle. This holster model is highly effective in concealing imperfections as long as your pants are not too tight. Judging by the accessibility, I didn’t fancy its performance.

To get the gun, we have to reach down, and that activity is negative and extremely dangerous for you. Because, if you are unlucky, you will most likely be shot by your opponent when you proceed to get the gun.

This type of holster is still for everyday defensive gun use. It’s not as obnoxious as we imagine.

When choosing this holster, you also need to consider your gun skill level. If you are a beginner or inexperienced, you should not use this product.

Because of its inconvenience, it will probably make you feel uncomfortable. Or it can even affect your ankles.

Thigh holster

Thigh holster

This thigh holster is attached to the thigh for convenient use and movement. Basically, it is suitable for all different audiences.

However, I found that it is not ideal for women who often wear loose clothing such as skirts because it is quite inconvenient when we proceed to get the gun.

In terms of capacity, it’s ideal for handguns. On the contrary, with long guns, it becomes inconvenient.

It is also not as sturdy as other holsters. Through moving, it can move from the original placement position. Therefore, you need to consider this product!

Belly Band holster

Belly Band holster

For me, I love the style and performance of the belly holster. A holster wrapped around the abdomen with clothing in the front effectively conceals blemishes.

Besides, this holster is also ideal for holding all different gun sizes.

From there, making it easier for you to use your gun.

Compared to other holsters, the belly holster is quite sturdy and ensures comfort for the user. However, with heavy people, it is not perfect. It can make it difficult for you or cause marks on your waistline.

If you wear it for too long, the sweat from the belly can corrode the gun. So, pay attention to your physical characteristics to choose the right holster!

Bra holster

Bra holster

This holster is especially for women because this holster model uses the same woman’s bra to hold and fix the gun.

These holsters are typically small in size and are for handguns. Judging by the concealability, I highly recommend this product’s performance.

However, I do not recommend using it because it can harm you at any time. Or even it makes your body uncomfortable and difficult to breathe.

On hot sunny days, it’s challenging for you. Therefore, you should consider it carefully before choosing this leather case. Although it has a fairly stable price, I don’t like what it shows.

Concealed Bag holster

Concealed Bag holster

If you don’t want to put any holster on your body, then a concealed bag holster is an ideal suggestion for you. This type of bag has the same design as a regular bag, and it allows you to cover your flaws perfectly.

In addition to storing the gun inside, you can also put some other items inside, such as wallets, belts, and other essential items.

The concealment of the bag is extremely high, helping you to hide the gun safely. Of course, just by ordinary observation, very few people will detect that you are carrying a weapon.

This type of holster has a relative size, enough for you to fit large and small guns.

Yet, it is quite slow for your fetch operation. Getting the gun out of the bag takes you about 3-5 minutes. On the other hand, it is easier to forget than other bags.

Pocket holster

Pocket holster

With handguns, a pocket holster is an ideal tool you should aim for. The holster has a special design inspired by a gun model. Thereby, it enhances the protection and safety of the gun. So what if, unfortunately, the trigger works?

In this holster model, your trigger will be protected and will not have any factors affecting its operation. So, it ensures the life of you and those around you.

The prominent feature of this holster model lies in the ability to fix the gun. Each handgun can be sure to keep the gun in place for hours, giving you the freedom to move and operate. Unfortunately, it is not recommended for larger guns.

Belt holster

Belt holster

Compared to other holsters, belt holsters are more compact. It is capable of holding many different gun sizes. Judging by the ability to conceal, it’s not perfect. However, we can still fix this by wearing more closed coats.

Even if you look closely, very few people will notice that you are carrying a gun.

This holster model may cause discomfort when you sit or drive. Therefore, you need to be very careful and observant to find the right product!

Paddle holster

Paddle holster

The paddle holster features a flexible design with the ability to attach to a belt or belt for ultimate comfort. Besides, this holster is quite easy to disassemble, allowing you to be more convenient when moving.

For many people, this type of holster is really unimpressive. Because, with urgent operations, it is not safe for users.

OWB holster

OWB holster

The OWB Belt Outer holster includes a side holster and a belt holster. Both of these baby holsters are to be used outside the waistband.

Overall, these two types of coatings show poor concealment results. But, it is still acceptable if combined with loose coats with high coverage.

Top 10 Types Of Concealed Carry Holsters Inforgraphic
Types Of Concealed Carry Holsters Inforgraphic


What is the safest concealed carry position?

The safest place to hide is inside the waistband because it helps conceal your gun the most, which is hard to detect.

What is FBI carry?

FBI agents can carry weapons according to their secondary. Before being able to choose any weapon, they also need to pass a proficiency test on those weapons.

What pistol is carried by federal agents?

Federal agents use the 9mm Glock Gen 5 pistol as their service weapon. So why did they decide to choose this gun model?

The reason was initially determined that this gun possesses specialized features for its work and mission. If you want to know more information about this gun line, you can completely find out online.

Does a 9mm have stopping power?

Absolutely yes.

Typical for stopping power, it is impossible not to mention the Beretta M9. It is a popular choice for both home defense and law enforcement.

Not only that, but it is also extremely reliable and gives the user a sense of comfort. As an alternative to a 9mm cartridge, it is a good choice, easy to use, and has good stopping power.


The specific analysis of the types of concealed carry holsters above will hopefully help you better understand each product’s characteristics and make the right decision for your requirements. Thank you for reading!

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