In fact, there are many ways that we can keep a gun with us to protect ourselves against dangerous situations where the use of a weapon is essential. 

One of the most popular ways for you to keep a gun with you is to use a tuckable holster, a type with a unique design and a compact size so that we can easily hide our presence. So, what is a tuckable holster? What’s special about it?

Let’s find out right in the article below.

What Is A Tuckable Holster? Expert’s Guide For Dummies

What Is A Tuckable Holster?

The Tuckable is also a form with the main structure suitable for storing and carrying handguns with you. However, if the usual products are pretty large due to the bulkiness of both the holster and the weapon, the Tuckable Holster is not.

The difference between Tuckable Holster lies in the size and clamp attached to this product. In terms of size, this one is small but still fits you into the gun. 

Clip one always comes with a reverse clip to attach the holster to the inside of your pants. The primary purpose is to conceal the weapon, thereby ensuring the safety of both the tool and the user.

What Is A Tuckable Holster
What is the Tuckable Holster

A Tuckable Holster Positions

Like many other models, the position issue with the Tuckable Holster also plays a significant role in reducing the operation time and increasing the versatility of the gun. We all know that every second in a dangerous situation can affect our safety and life.

According to many surveys, most users, from professionals to amateurs, think that the most suitable position for carrying a gun is at 3 o’clock.

If the firearm is in this position, it will be easier to manipulate and will not cause discomfort to the user, especially for a long time. That is why this position gradually becomes a standard for users.

The gun can also be placed in position for optimal action, right at the appendix and on one side of the abdomen. At this angle, we draw the gun in the diagonal direction and are suitable in cases where the need to use the firearm is urgent.

He will pull out the gun with one hand while the hand is still loosening the clothes to make it easier to manipulate. 

Maybe this process will take longer than holding the gun at 3 o’clock, but at least the effect of this orientation is much greater than most other angles.

The 3 o’clock position is the most appropriate and practical angle. However, some notes show that you still need to pay attention to maximize comfort and convenience in each operation.

  • Use a loose shirt to fully cover the gun as tight models can swell when the weapon is inside and attract undue attention.
  • To be more comfortable, the shirt and the pants need to have enough space for the gun and the inner one. 

The ideal number would be a difference of one to two sizes for both performances and feel the best comfort.

What Is A Tuck And Roll Holster?

What Is A Tuckable Holster 2
Tuck And Roll version

“Tuck and Roll” is a unique product from the famous brand MK-Tek, one of the manufacturers of the best quality versions.

Regarding guns that you can use, AIWB or IWB pistols are the two types of firearms that MK-Tek thinks are suitable for their “Tuck n Roll” product.

If other models only have the usual tucked-in design, the “Tuck n Roll” is a clear upgrade with a combination of roll-in elements in common.

You can understand that now. Besides hiding the gun more inside the outfit, the ability to roll the handle into the body of this product allows for fewer imprints to appear. You can rest assured that you will be safer because the traces are much more negligible.

Are Tuckable Holsters Comfortable?

What Is A Tuckable Holster 3
Is it comfortable to wear

Whether a product is comfortable or not depends a lot on the structural factors and the material that the product uses.

With the clip inward, this product is likely to collide directly with your skin as well as cause hot stewing and skin irritation. So it’s best to experiment before deciding to buy a model.

Leather and Kydex will be the primary materials for these products. Thanks to Kydex’s immobilization properties, products made from this synthetic material will be stiffer and more durable, but at the same timeless and comfortable due to the lack of softness.

On the other hand, the leather is much softer, creating a more comfortable feeling. However, the moisture in the air can create mold on the skin and cause discomfort for us because of irritation.

Accessory elements also play a big part. For example, anti-bacterial mesh fabrics or padding are sure to provide a much more comfortable feel than when a gun holster has only one cover. 

In addition, the design with fewer protrusions can also be a sign of a product that is comfortable to use.

Is A Tuckable Holster Necessary? 

Like many other types, the Tuckable is an essential item for every gun user who wants to keep this tool nearby and does not want to encounter dangers from the surrounding elements.

The problem often comes from the weapon taking the trigger much more than other factors. With a holster, you will not have to worry about this problem. 

The cover also helps us to better preserve the weapon from the effects of the outside environment. I mean environmental factors like dirt or corrosion and human factors like the bad guys with your gun.

With the tuckable holster alone, this device will help you hide the gun more closely inside your body. It’s never a good idea to keep a weapon outside our belt to attract unnecessary attention.

So the reverse jaw design that allows this device to be hidden deep inside the clothes really has a significant impact on the user’s safety.

Of course, trying to buy a similar product may not be necessary if you have versions attached to your weapon. These will be the most suitable and most convenient to use.

Drawbacks of Tuckable Holsters 

Besides the outstanding advantages, Tuckable Holster has some disadvantages that you should pay attention to choose the most suitable product.

First, with the design inside the costume, the Tuckable Holster will more or less leave the contours floating whether you want it or not. 

These outlines can create suspicion for those around, and of course, they will be wary of you if they detect these outlines are guns.

With products made from leather, the edges may appear moldy when exposed to the surface of wet clothes for too long. Meanwhile, it can be difficult to adjust and is also an issue that you need to pay attention to when using. 

Once we fixed the holster, it was quite challenging to move because, with thick layers of clothing, turning was complex, let alone moving.

If you accidentally put yourself in an uncomfortable situation when using it, you can endure it or find somewhere to take off the belt and adjust.


I hope you have learned more about the Tuckable Holster and gained the knowledge to use and set up this type of holster more effectively.

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