What Is A Two Stage Trigger? Detailed Explanation

What Is A Two Stage Trigger? Detailed Explanation

2-stage triggers are getting more attention lately. It has a significant effect on the process of manipulating the gun. High accuracy is also one of the reasons why it has become more prominent.

What Is A Two Stage Trigger? Detailed Explanation
What Is A Two Stage Trigger? Detailed Explanation

However, what is a two-stage trigger exactly? How to distinguish it from a one-stage version? All the complete answers will be in the article below.

Let’s explore it now!

What Is A Two-Stage Trigger?

2-phase triggers
2-phase triggers

The two-stage trigger has a pull band, which aids in more efficient pressing action. The pull continues until the drag weight drops and the gun launches.

Using this cock, you can capture the exact moment to fire. When the shooter applies force, the cock does not move immediately.

The force applied will cause the trigger to move slightly, called the resistance phase. You can add more pressure in the second process to release the latch.

Two-phase triggers help us solve two problems: Improve accuracy and improve safety.

The linkage between the two stages in the cycle will reduce the ability to release bullets due to finger pressure. This design is handy for aiming at multiple targets in an area.

Previously, the noise in the 1-stages process was quite loud and occurred frequently. Only softening the impact can prevent the traction from activating.

With the above drawback over time, this version has overcome this well.

Two-stage trigger Advantages & Disadvantages


Gun users easily make adjustments before firing. Compared to 1 phase, you can be more confident when participating in combat.

If the player is a pro marksman, they can focus on phase 1 of the 2-phase trigger and return to phase two when ready for a second aim.

The time between the two transitions allows you to observe your surroundings. It is why two-phase triggers are often available in long-range aiming combat.


The complete cycle of a two-stage cock takes longer than that of a one-phase cock. This feature is dangerous if the shooter is excellent in a split second.

So, a two-phase trigger is not a perfect choice for amateurs in military warfare.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Two-Stage Trigger

Things to consider before buying one
Things to consider before buying one

If you’re thinking about learning about this kind of device, consider a few things:

  • Correctly understand the gun’s purpose and look up the complete information. In addition, you also need to base on the part of the habitat to see if its use is appropriate.
  • If possible, have a friend or relative check that the gun is suitable for a two-phase cock setting. It will reduce the risk of buying the wrong version by mistake.
  • Price often determines the quality of the product, but sometimes expensive items may not necessarily suit your needs.

Look for a gun that you feel familiar with, and that is easy to use. You can practice for many hours without really getting tired with many complicated operations.

Single vs. Two Stage Trigger

The two do not have much difference in form, and the end goal is the same. However, we will cover the comparison in the process.

Single-phase exists only as a force that extends throughout from triggering to firing. In contrast, a two-phase trigger has two gravity pulls based on two phases: the receiving phase and the wall phase.

Single Stage Trigger

The 1-stage cock is used in close combat and on titles hitting the AK field.

The universality of the setting applies to most single-specification firearms. The traction weight is low, mainly ranging from 2-2.5 Ibs.

When evaluating whether a 1-phase trigger is good, people often judge based on consistency, weight, and sound output.

Two Stage Trigger

There is quite a weight difference between the two phases in a two-phase cock. As with single-stage, consistency throughout the process is essential.

In the early stages, the weight is stable and gradually lifts to move through the “Wall.” You need to put more pressure on getting through the final phase.

Figuring out which is perfect between the two triggers is difficult. Both are suitable for different circumstances. When your purpose is mainly hunting, we recommend choosing a single-phase. In contrast, a two-phase cock would be a much more perfect version with actual raid combat.


Are Glocks 2 stage triggers?


The answer is yes. This series of Glocks guns gives the user a superior experience in terms of cock control advantage.

Can a Glock accidentally discharge?

Glock’s mechanism of action is in a secure setting. But this is not entirely true because it often causes some unwanted accidents.

From 1988-1998, in just ten years, more than 120 shootings took place at the Washington DC police headquarters.

Is it OK to dry fire a Glock?

You can dry fire the Glock gun as you wish. Yet, according to our advice, you should still use protective equipment such as a cap or fake ring to ensure safety.

This operation can sometimes lead to wear of the gun barrel and reduce its optimum durability. Therefore, carefully and thoroughly weigh the benefits and risks before doing so.

Are Flat triggers better?

Flat triggers provide a large flat surface area that contributes to good visibility. Many gamers expressed reasonable opinions when using a device like this.

Are binary triggers legal?

The most outstanding advantage of binary triggers is to increase the rate of fire. In the states, the government allows people to use binary triggers.


The above article has given full explanations for answering the question, what is a two-stage trigger? This product is reliable with its high precision and smooth controllability.

The single-stage trigger is the traditional version, which was popular in the US military in the 1964s.

Up to now, professional shooters have emphasized their actual combat ability. Therefore, the two-stage trigger is the optimal choice and easier to use to aim and shoot properly.

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