IWB and OWB holsters are the two standard gun carry types that every gun lover should know. A particular style is more suitable depending on your needs and the surrounding environment.

So, what is an IWB holster? Is it the right option for you? How to choose a suitable IWB gun carry for your needs and preferences?

This post will shine more depth on an IWB holster’s basics to answer your questions. Continue reading to find out!

What Is An IWB Holster? 5 Facts You Should Know

What Is An IWB Holster? 

An IWB or Inside The Waistband holster is the most prevalent method to conceal your weapon when carrying it. 

There are many positions to wear the IWB holsters that are hidden from the other people’s views. As the name suggests, the inside the waistband holsters are worn behind your waistband or the clothes and sometimes on the tactical belt.

The critical thing is that the surrounding people cannot know that you are wearing a weapon.

With a suitable material and design, the IWB carries are ideal for different types of guns and sizes. Depending on the type of weapon, you can choose a comfortable Inside The Waistband holster.

What Is An IWB Holster? 5 Facts You Should Know 1
Carrying The IWB Holster

Are IWB Holsters Comfortable? 

Concealed carry using the IWB holsters is perhaps the most comfortable and safest gun-carrying method nowadays. But the hoster must suit the users’ body type and working style.

How convenient it feels also depends on your wearing position, the type of clothes, and your daily activities.

For example, if you choose to attach the holster on the belt of tight pants, it will surely be uncomfortable, especially for overweight people.

There are three common types of Inside The Waistband holster materials: Kydex, nylon, and leather. Each style comes with certain benefits and disadvantages, which we will discuss further in the following sections.

Furthermore, the quality of the belt can also affect your comfort in the usage process. Instead of keeping the gun between your waistband and the pants, you can attach the holster to the belt and prevent it from sliding or sagging down.

Carry Positions For IWB Holsters 

The key to getting more comfortable when using the IWB holster is finding out the ideal carrying position for you.

Here are some common carrying positions to consider:

12 o’clock 

If you stand with your head straight, your navel will face directly at the 12 o’clock angle, while the back is at 6’clock. This position is slightly on the navel.

It is ideal for carrying long weapons and people who sit a lot during the day.

Appendix Carry 

This position faces the 1-2 o’clock direction on the right or 10-11 o’clock on the left. You can flexibly choose the side depending on your strong hand.

It is one of the most accessible positions on your body as you can quickly draw the gun with a strong hand.

With low retention and a short time, the appendix-carry position is used widely by the police officers on the missions.

However, this position is not ideal for overweight people as the gun will put more pressure on your waistline.

Kidney Carry

Facing the 4-5 o’clock direction on the right, kidney carry is another standard holster carrying position. In this position, the holster is concealed behind the lip, making the gun drawing awkward.

This position is not suitable for large or long guns. If you have gotten used to this position, you can draw the weapon very quickly and comfortably.

What Is An IWB Holster? 5 Facts You Should Know 2
Carrying It Behind The Back

The Benefits Of IWB Holster 

The most obvious benefit of using an Inside The Waistband holster is the concealing ability. As you can hide the gun from the other people’s views, you will appear less aggressive to surrounding people.

For example, you are attending a formal party and may want to carry a gun to protect yourself. Holding a visible gun will make other people feel threatened and uncomfortable.

The police officers who are on a secret mission and don’t want to reveal their identities will need the IWB holsters. Not to mention the risk of the bad people stealing your gun when they see the visible holster.

If you are suddenly attacked by criminals, they won’t be able to seize your weapon. In dangerous circumstances or under sudden attacks, the Inside The Waistband holsters can save your life.

Another benefit is the flexibility in choosing your outfit. You have limited choice in selecting the outfit when carrying a visible gun. It is also unsuitable for formal parties and occasions.

With the Inside The Waistband holsters, you can wear basically any type of clothing and outfit without any discomfort.

The Drawbacks Of IWB Holsters 

On the other hand, the Inside The Waistband holsters also come with some significant drawbacks. The most obvious one is the higher retention compared to Outside The Waistband holsters.

As the guns are concealed inside your waistline or clothing, it takes more time to draw the weapon. You have to practice a lot and get more adept at drawing the weapon to effectively use the IWB holster.

The IWB holsters are also less comfortable compared to the other types of gun-carrying methods, especially for overweight people. If you drive the car or sit around a lot, carrying the gun inside the waistband is uncomfortable.

If you wear a gun to protect yourself, a visible weapon will warn off the criminals and bad people. Furthermore, an IWB holster will point the gun directly at your body, like the legs and waist.

If the weapon accidentally triggers, it will cause severe damage to the users.

What Is An IWB Holster? 5 Facts You Should Know 3
A Concealed Weapon Can Save Your Life

The Right Way To Wear IWB Holsters

The beginners may struggle to wear the Inside The Waistband holsters for the first time. If you use a belt, try unlocking and loosening it a little bit before putting it in the holster.

People with large waistlines should unlock the button on the pants to get more space. Now put the holster in your preferred concealed carrying position and attach the holster’s clips to your belt.

Zip up the pants and tighten the belt. Then try to draw the gun several times and switch to some other body postures to check if you have gotten a comfortable position.

It is essential that the holsters don’t sag down or slide inside your waistband.

How To Choose A Suitable IWB Holster? 

What Is An IWB Holster? 5 Facts You Should Know 4
The Classic Leather Gun Carrier

While leather holsters were sold for more than one century, the Kodex holsters have become prevalent recently. Kydex is now the most popular material due to its durability and excellent retention.

Meanwhile, leather is still a beautiful material and is suitable for those preferring a classic holster design. Kydex is also too rigid and not ideal for carrying for a long time period.

You can opt for a different type of holster for a specific wearing position.

However, a more critical factor to consider is how convenient and fast you can access the weapon with the holsters.

Opt for the IWB gun carrier you feel most comfortable with and the easiest to draw the gun. Lastly, if you don’t want the others to know that you are carrying the weapon, choose small-sized holsters to hold the small pistols.

For more detailed instructions, consider watching the video below.

Final Thoughts 

What is an IWB holster? The IWB holsters allow users to conceal the carried gun from other people’s views by hiding it inside the waistband.

It can be placed in various body positions. Choose the type of holsters with the size, material, and wearing position you feel most comfortable with.

If you find the information provided helpful, don’t hesitate to share the post. Thank you for reading!

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