What Is The Correct Way To Shoulder A Shotgun?

What Is The Correct Way To Shoulder A Shotgun?

Unlike most other guns we often encounter on the market, shotguns have great power and come with a very high recoil that not everyone can control.

Yet, not everyone can do this correctly, and mistakes can lead to unfortunate accidents or injuries. So, what is the correct way to shoulder a shotgun?

In this article, I will guide you step-by-step to entirely avoid facing these risks.

What Is The Correct Way To Shoulder A Shotgun?

Although it sounds simple, not everyone can put the correct shotgun stock in the exact position it needs to be on the shoulders.

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Correct steps to take one

Because the structure of the human shoulder is quite complex, it is entirely possible to confuse the different places. The result is accidentally putting all the force on a weak spot on the blade.

Each person has a different position to place depending on their body shape.

So instead of imitating someone or choosing one, you need to carefully follow each of the steps below to get the most accurate and reasonable manipulations.

Stabilize with the Cheek

Some people may mistakenly believe that putting a gun like Ar 15 on a shoulder is purely shoulder-related.

To use this gun, we have to know how to put the fulcrum, especially the central fulcrum at the shoulder, in the right way to reduce the recoil when shooting.

The first part of the body that we need to consider, change the position to get the best working angles with the shotgun, is your cheeks.

We need to press the cheek in the correct position before even putting the gun on the blade and starting to shoot because the cheek will be one of the main fulcrums to suppress the jet to help better aim.

Most snipers use two common and quick ways to find the proper cheek position when using a shotgun. The first is to swing the gun into the shoulder and then turn the muzzle up until the weapon touches the cheek.

The second way to catch it is to put your butt firmly on the shoulder and then lower your cheek to meet the line.

Although these two methods can be easily done simultaneously without taking too much time, the problem here is that both approaches are not suitable to use.

The accuracy and certainty of these methods are pretty high. With a gun whose power and recoil are proportional, it will be a disaster if we manipulate it incorrectly, thereby creating inaccurate shots.

In addition, these ways also make us reduce the rate of fire and even the accuracy of each shot. I believe that no one wants to affect the actual outcome just because of one action.

Fix the cheeks

To fix the problem with the cheeks, you need to pay attention to the operation of the head instead of letting it work reflexively. If you control the standard charge to the correct position, the rear processes will undoubtedly be more accessible.

In addition, another mistake is using a gun as a fulcrum instead of our cheeks.

Here the correct method would be to bring the gun to the cheek rather than trying to adjust the cheek in the direction of the weapon.

So we can conclude that getting the stock to your cheek is the main point of contact instead of doing the usual routines.

Of course, no matter how aligned, it is impossible to take our eyes off the target, and we will always need to keep our minds focused on the object that the bullet will hit after the shot.

Next, keep your head in line and bring the gun up to your cheekbones until both touches. Make sure the top edge of the stock is precisely and firmly just below your cheekbones below cheekbones.

When in this position, make sure your eye is directly over the top of the pistol, looking straight down the barrel towards the grain.

The stock of the gun will also automatically return to the position closest to the work we need to place on the shoulder.

Determine the Pocket

The suitable place for us to put the shotgun stock on the shoulder is right in the shoulder pocket position.

A pocket is an indentation caused by the elasticity of the tissues just below the collarbone, precisely right where the shoulder meets the collarbone.

In this area, the muscle fibers will have a high density and are quite elastic, and help us cancel most of the reactions generated after the shot.

This is a gift that nature has given to man to make shooting a lot easier.

Almost all the surrounding sites are mostly thin bones or muscles in the opposite direction. Mistakenly placing the gunstock in these positions will be nothing but wounds and bruises.

With this structure, we will have to find the shoulder pocket position to put the gun in the right spot and shoot accurately.

Once the shoulder pocket has been identified, the stock will need to be immediately to create support for the cheeks. Once the two fulcrums have formed, we can push the shoulder forward or pull the gun tightly into the pocket depending on preference to adjust for the most comfortable.

These manipulations should only be relative because the gun is already in the correct position, and complicated problems can occur if we move too much.

If you don’t want the recoil to increase, you also need to be careful not to squeeze the gun stock too tightly into the shoulder bag.

Open eyes & shoot

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Open eyes & shoot

After placing the correct fulcrums in the right places on the cheeks and shoulder bags, we need to take one more step: aim and fire. Most modern shotguns have a built-in mechanism that helps us aim the object’s position more accurately.

You need to focus on the aim, align the position, and finally shoot. In some cases, we don’t even need to aim too accurately because the structure of the shotgun shell is a large warhead with many small bullets inside. So the shot spread will destroy the target instead of the accuracy.

If you can’t focus while shooting, you can try aiming with one eye together with holding your breath because these two mechanisms will help you keep calm and create the most accurate shots.

Practice makes perfect

We don’t have time to align to see what is the most appropriate position slowly.

So you’ll need to practice repeatedly until you’ve got the proper reflexes and can be aligned right away.

The process can be pretty lengthy, but the benefits you will gain will be huge.

Tips For Safety Hunting

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Tips For Safety Hunting
  • Need to practice regularly to have the best handling ability
  • Make sure the gun is always in a safe state with the safety latch closed and no bullets inside when practicing and moving
  • Do not shoot objects like birds too quickly or too slowly. Save ammo instead until these creatures stand up and prepare to fly away
  • Always make sure your gun is assembled in the correct configuration and uses the correct ammunition needed
  • Replacing and updating new gun models is also an effective method.


What is the correct way to shoulder a shotgun? It will no longer be difficult to answer this question if you closely follow today’s article.

Hopefully, this knowledge can help you in the process of manipulating and using a shotgun. Thank you for following this post!

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