The opening of the choke is one of the critical factors determining the spread of bullets and thrusts from a shotgun. The opening is an important cause of increasing or decreasing the range of the gun itself.

Knowing which shotgun choke is the most open will help you choose the right type for your needs, thereby creating the most extended and accurate shots.

If you are still not confident enough about your knowledge, today’s article will help you find the most accurate answer.

Which Shotgun Choke Is The Most Open? Expert's Answer

Shotgun Choke Overview

Contrary to what we often imagine, the barrel of today’s shotguns does not have a completely straight and smooth design.

Instead of the barrel end, there will be a blockage where the inside gradually narrows into a hole smaller than the original barrel size.

Which Shotgun Choke Is The Most Open? Expert's Answer 1
Shotgun Choke Overview

That bottleneck is the shotgun choke; however, the size is tiny, sometimes only a few thousandths of an inch. So it’s not too surprising that many people have never heard of or seen this part.

Of course, I mean that you need to remove the gun to have a look, but looking back into the barrel is never a good idea and can be dangerous to yourself.

In the early days, shotgun manufacturers used to cast gun heaters attached to versions, and these products were known as fixed ones. It is essentially how manufacturers reduce the complexity of the rework process.

At present, however, it is essentially a mutable variety. With this design, manufacturers will create grooves in the front of the barrel so that you can rotate the choke separately, depending on your needs.

It is this improvement that has helped us save a lot of money when just replacing the choke without buying a new gun. This type of design becomes even more critical for those who use a shotgun for various tasks.

We all know that a shotgun is a special kind of gun. Although not a machine gun, the shotgun does not fire every shot.

Shotgun ammunition is a large bag with many small bullets inside, and this number can sometimes go up to hundreds. In other words, you can fire hundreds of small bullets with a single shotgun shot.

However, small bullets tend to separate quickly from the whole and fly in all directions towards the target when fired. Therefore, it is tough to control the range of bullets without a tool to control the content like a choke.

Common Type for Shotgun Choke

Which Shotgun Choke Is The Most Open? Expert's Answer 2
Common types

There are four different types with different barrel sizes, thereby creating relatively other effects on the projectile in each case.

So, each design will be suitable for one or more different needs. Four types respectively are cylinder, full, modified, and finally improved cylinder versions.

Cylinder Choke

Although some argue that the cylinder one is not a stainless steel choke, it has been that the design itself has the same impact on projectile direction as many other products. So there is no reason for us to exclude cylinder one from our consideration list.

Cylinder chokes are products with no structural changes. In other words, from head to toe, the product has no protrusion or ledge at all, and all you get is a smooth straight cylinder.

When bullets go through the cylinder version, the dispersion is also relatively high, thereby minimizing the length of the bullet’s path and range.

According to previous measurements, 25 Yds is the maximum range that shotguns equipped with cylinders can reach.

Improved cylinder Choke 

As its name suggests, Improved cylinder chokes are an upgraded version of cylinder one with a slightly higher-end bezel than regular cylinders, but the difference is still relatively small.

With this particular slope, the maximum range of shotguns equipped with improved cylinder chokes has increased to 30 Yds, 5 Yds more than the regular version.

These sloping details allow the small bullets in each shot to spread out much more stably. The improved cylinder is the most reasonable choice for small bird hunting or close-range obstacle shooting with a stable range in a small field.

Modified versions Choke

Modified chokes are medium-thick ones thicker than improved cylinders but thinner than Full versions. This feature makes the modified version suitable for more activities than other products.

The slope angle of this product line is enough to disperse bullets over a longer distance, so it still helps us to control the projectile.

With the ability to shoot up to 35 Yds, modified is suitable for hunting pigeons and ducks or geese.

Full chokes

The type possesses the highest thickness and the ability to support bullets with an extremely long distance of up to 40 yds, 2 times more than cylinder products.

With this highly thick sloping track, the projectile will travel very far, allowing you to hit target discs at super distances and high-flying animals.

Which Shotgun Choke Is The Most Open?

Which Shotgun Choke Is The Most Open? Expert's Answer 3
Improved cylinder

The most open type is also the choke with close range but at the same time has the highest dispersion, and that is the improved cylinder chokes and cylinder chokes.

The low-slope or completely non-sloping design of these two products does not create too much resistance, allowing small bullets to fly in many different directions freely.

Because it is the most open type, improved cylinder chokes and cylinder chokes are the best choices for those who need to use the gun at close range or help newcomers get used to the shotgun.

On the other hand, we can say that most of the older generation shotgun products with a built-in flat one are the most open choke types.

How To Pick Shotgun Choke?

Depending on your preferences and needs and the sport or object you need to hunt, we will choose the type with the most appropriate width.

Improved cylinder chokes and cylinder chokes have the lowest range, so you should choose these chokes if you want to shoot objects at close range. People who are practicing control can also choose this disorder.

If the choke you need is high accuracy coupled with impressive performance, then modified chokes with balanced thickness are the choice not to be missed.

With a thickness low enough for bullets to spread horizontally and high enough to increase the range of bullets, modified chokes can suit many different needs.

That’s why most of the medium and low-range shooting requirements are suitable for the device.

Only the full version can undoubtedly satisfy your needs for those who need the tightest, farthest shots. With the highly thick groove, even shotguns with short-range can hit high-thickness objects long distances.


1. What choke has the widest spread?

The most extended range choke is another name for the most open choke, and of course, this title goes to Improved cylinder chokes and cylinder chokes.

2. Is it OK to shoot slugs through a modified choke?

Many people think that shotgun slugs are pretty heavy and thick, so shooting through a modified choke is not good.

You can use a combination of these two products as usual. However, remember to calculate the effect of the slug on the head before firing and make sure it doesn’t cause any other problems.

3. What is a Rem choke?

The Rem choke is a system of multiple chokes with the same contact that allows you to change types without too much trouble quickly.


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