Why Is H4350 So Hard to Find? Let’s Read to Get the Correct Answer

Why Is H4350 So Hard to Find

Gunpowder has a vital role in the past and present. It is essential in the weapons industry and can be applied to positive intentions such as producing fireworks.

Today, we will discuss H4350, one of the gun powders that used to be very popular and hard to find at present.

Without wasting more time, let’s explore, “Why is h4350 so hard to find?”

What is H4350?

Why is H4350 powder so hard to find?
Why is H4350 powder so hard to find?

H4350 is a trendy powder and extruded propellant. It has been one of the popular powders for shooters or hunters for years.

One of the reasons why this powder is so prevalent in the gun world is that it tends to be insensible to scorching and freezing temperatures.

The company that produces the H4350 powder is the Hodgdon gunpowder company. This company started making smokeless powder in 1952. After that, Hodgdon quickly became a leading distributor of gun powders.

Yet, we have recently seen a shortage of H4350 supply. So what is the reason?

Why Is H4350 So Hard to Find?

The H4350 becomes so hard to find due to three main reasons:

  • Supply challenges
  • Demand challenges
  • Political climate

Supply Challenges

The Hodgdon company claims it is manufacturing powder, but it shortens after that. Why? It is partly the supply challenge.

The Hodgdon company said it attempted to continue delivering as soon as possible. But the supply still gets challenged.

Besides that, agreements for this powder began with Hodgdon gunpowders to their military ammo. This factor also affects supply.

Moreover, prolonged regulations and rules make transporting volatile, vigorous, and fiery materials, such as H4350, more complex.

Demand Challenges

Although the company says it has prepared more of this gunpowder than before, it still cannot meet the increased demand rate. Dealer shelves still keep empty despite the efforts of Hodgdon company.

Firms or persons that further desire gunpowder typically purchase powder without thinking. The gaps in 2019 are a prime example of that.

Most gun powders go to many ammo assemblage organizations and companies. So, the H4350 gunpowder available on the dealer shelves would become short.

Political Climate 

It is true to say that the political climate may affect many industries significantly, and the gunpowder industry is one of the industries directly affected.

In particular, political officials have argued that weapons have had dire consequences in terms of compliance with the law. As a result, they have placed an enormous burden on the arms industry.

H4350 gunpowder is one of the premium goods in this industry. So when such a condition is caused, the H4350 gunpowder supply will become a challenge.

What Is a Great Alternative for the H4350 Powder? 

When a product becomes scarce in the market, users must find a way to overcome it. As a result, organizations and people started looking for a perfect alternative to H4350.

The fact that the H4350 became harder to find prompted the military and civilians to look for something similar to its attributes. The following are the best alternatives to H4350 gunpowder.

  • Accurate 4350
  • IMR 4350


1. What is The Hodgdon Company?

It began as B.E. Hodgdon, Inc. in 1952 and has become a significant distributor of smokeless powder.

2. Is There a Difference Between H4350 and IMR 4350?

Both H4350 and IMR 4350 are excellent powders. But H4350 powder is more stable to temperature as compared to others.

3. What Is H4350 Good For?

This powder gun works well with a wide variety of ammo.
This powder gun works well with a wide variety of ammo.

This powder will work well for the WSM family of calibers (7mm, 30, 270, 325) and is also the standard option in such cartridges as the 6mm Remington, 243 Winchester, 338 Winchester, 270 Winchester Magnum, etc.

4. How Does Shortage of H4350 Powder Impact the World?

As we all know, the development of the H4350 gunpowder became the beginning point of firearms or weapons. Because of temperature stability, many shooters and hunters love this gun powder.

With the scarcity of this powder, the shooter’s professional performance and satisfaction level are cut down.

5. How does the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect the Shortage of H4350?

The Covid-19 pandemic also affects the supply of H4350
The Covid-19 pandemic also affects the supply of H4350

There is no denying that the Covid-19 pandemic has seriously affected the supply and demand of the global economy.

Governments in many countries were forced to shut down businesses, educational institutions, shipments, and industrial periods.

It also affects the supply of H4350 as shipping by flights or ships has been blocked, resulting in supply cuts.

6. Are All 4350 Powders the Same?

The answer is No. These 4350 Powders have similar burn rates but are not the same; IMR 4350 powder tends to be faster burning than its H4350 counterpart.

7. What Is IMR 4350 Powder Used For?

IMR 4350 powder is mainly utilized for the newest short magnum cartridges and silhouette shooting. In addition, for magnums with light to medium ammo weights, this powder is the best bet.

8. What Is Hodgdon Longshot Powder Good For?

The Hodgdon Longshot is ideal for potent field loads and race shooting.

Also, it can be utilized with excellent results in high-velocity pistols, such as the 357 SIG and 38 Super, but by maintaining the operating pressures under the average amount.

The Bottom Line

H4350 is one of the most demanding powders among the many gunpowders available in the market.

Unfortunately, it has become harder to find for the reasons we mentioned above.

The supply of H4350 gunpowder has decreased in the last three to four years due to the overwhelming demand for this powder and the supply not responding to order requests.

Furthermore, facilities, the pandemic covid-19, and international politics contribute significantly to its shortage.

Hopefully, this article is helpful to you. Thanks for stopping by!

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